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I got myself another skin. It is available
in bazaars of the bloated.
It failed to bolster me.

I wrapped myself in shield of words.
Read the script inscribed on scroll
of my prelapsarian phase.

Upon reflection, I favored thought
not thews, song not shekels.
This has its own fatigue.

editors note:

Who can guess where you’ll get? Should you revel or regret? – mh clay


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In orneriness
of laughter
your snaggleteeth
without a bumbershoot
like most of me.

a kerchief of kites
flying nowhere.

editors note:

Rain or shine, we’ll take what likes we can; no umbrella. – mh clay


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The caramel of your eyes as rich as the custard I never had.
Your skin my quilt for years. Your irides mine, yet faint as
the fantasies I could never count on. The spice of your tresses
strong as my subterfuge. We have no cradlesong. Your breath
singes my body, giving birth to many lies and one truth: no,
is your way of saying yes.

editors note:

This after-entree enabling of enablers inflicts sweet suffering. – mh clay


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Meter of meaninglessness
drafts us to seamless duties.

Like darkness unfolds my
hand to reach its destination:
limiting me to flitter
on the grayscale of feelings.

Without His haft
I am not half of myself.
Again and again, I invoke Him
to direct me to ply the river of design.

editors note:

Pondering what it means to make as the maker meant. – mh clay


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There is peace in pebbles. They rest
until reallocated. For the most part,
normal is a no-no. It is an invention
of the antinome lobby.

Hazing comes readily to teenyboppers.
If you hop six schools in six cities in
as many years there is reason to be

While the elders click their flutes
and chime: it is about adjusting and
making friends
we stow away the
warps in our secret-sloop.

editors note:

Survival by wresting wonder from those warps. – mh clay


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The freebooter in you unleashes
as you skew the conversation
with the miasma of multi-layered

There is no barter on bruises.
Even snaps on the social media
channels don’t pay back for the

Rage disrobes itself on the mirror
of my makeup van. I seek another
script from the director of the film.
He cancels my contract.

editors note:

Sometimes, if stuck, one best not stay. – mh clay


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A flurry of footloose word-armies,
unleashed in makeshift assemblies,
impress at first blush. On jelling
for gravitas, one realizes, empty
words leave us unfurnished.

The familiarity of promise is like
an earworm. Takeoff on truism?
I wish I could urge them to hustle
with a new hook, bunko with a buss.
Lure me with unwonted lies.

editors note:

If you’re gonna put lipstick on that pig, it needs to be a good kisser. – mh clay


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Notwithstanding how shielded the heart is
at some stage
you realize it’s porous.
You’re human,
don’t hold this against yourself.
I’ve learned not to fall
at my wooer’s feet.

There are dignity and distance
in my demeanor.
But this organ with four chambers
has its own score to settle.
It propels me on a path
that isn’t under my superintendence.
This is the worrisome part.

editors note:

And it’s impossible to hold at arm’s length. (Congrats to Sanjeev on the release of his new collection, “Bleb.” You can find it here.) – mh clay

Without Colophon

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When mind wishes for a workout nostalgia
warms up the process. Firsthand fumes
are never on a collision course. Dubiety
does not piggyback on them.

Résumé turns into a register of regrets.
It is not easy to rack up how memory
preengages into a monograph: without
readers. This tally needs no title page.

editors note:

From recall to remorse is a short run when self publishes to self. – mh clay


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If the only pix are those of screen goddesses or gods:
it is natural to acquire a skewed vision.
Socializing reduces the critical bar.
I’m not sure if it nurtures the creative output.

For most, it flourishes in forlornness.
Emotional curios never grab as much mind space
as the all thumbs crew.
A space cadet scores summa cum laude over the others.

editors note:

A recluse’s rant; all thumbs are better than no grasp at all. – mh clay