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I didn’t like my Fiat. It had become too old. So, I pressed the delete button on it and it was gone. Later that day I saw an advertisement in a newspaper. A girl who was pissed-off with her boyfriend had asked only a dollar in exchange for her new Toyota that she got as a gift from him. But …


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Researchers at the Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence Research Center were talking while looking at the wide screen showing numerous stars as dots, floating rocky planets and gaseous clusters. “This one is located twenty light years away. The planet should be habitable with the right gravity and pressure as is revolves around its star very comfortably in the goldilocks zone” “Does it have …

Birth place

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The shadow of your swollen words
always falls over my past…

However it is,
why your words bother?…

just because,
they can?…

Trespassing is what you do
forgiving is what I do

I now am getting to know
what gives birth to lies…

editors note:

From one’s desire to manipulate to another’s willingness to believe; who is the bigger fool? – mh clay

Cost and Freedom

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We are married to each other
I earn the bread and butter
and that leaves you to manage our shelter.

Being bothered about your jobless old friend Nick
while I was away at work,
You missed to wash my suit
as you eventually got lost
over the phone with him and slept…

with all due respect,
I am not a male chauvenist…

I understand your freedom but
every ounce of freedom comes with its own cost…

All I am asking is,
free me from paying the cost of your freedom…

editors note:

There’s the universal question, “Who pay’s for your freedom?” The universal answer is still in debate… – mh

A Discrete Relationship

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I hug you.
You hug me.

your thing bothers me
on my chest…
mine bothers you
on your thigh…

we stand naked
in each other’s arms…

Neither your lips,
nor mine
uttered those three magic words…

editors note:

No three words ventured, no “thing” gained. Bothersome, indeed! – mh

The Selection

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We always believe
It is only us,
Who create a drama…

we refuse to realize that
dramas pick
the most appropriate
from us…

editors note:

Hmmm. The story writes us; takes literary criticism to an “higher” level, doesn’t it? – mh

The Snow on the Road

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At night,
as I watched
through the window,
the white moon
was drinking the water,
deposited by the rain,
on the road…

Next Morning,
when I opened the door,
the moon was all drunk and
had laid itself,
all over the road…

editors note:

Full moon tonight, shovel snow tomorrow. – mh

Greatest Desire

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We all believe that
all dramas are
driven by us…

Towards the end of the drama
post the end of the drama
we realise that
the dramas have
driven all of us…

we always share the greatest desire
to drive a drama
completely on our own…

editors note:

Can’t drive without a learner’s permit. Even then, better to stay off the road than to drive oneself (and others) crazy. – mh