Tag Everafter with an X

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It’s time to turn forever inside out

Take this and go on
with a wincing all your own

Take this shaking notice

claim it with your fairytale rust
tag it like a bronzed tooth blacked out

like a license marked up with thick black tape
Go on mark an X across eternity and go

editors note:

Stand on your spot with gap-toothed smile into the abyss. – mh clay

Deathbed : A Custom Tour from Everafter

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This one will start before you begin
with a twisting insanity and sleep
right next to near
near knowing what you mean

The white noise middle is starting
floating here with so many
while the bright assassin’s still
safeguarding our dormant beginning

His saline born slug waits
as we deepen a groove
already set in rest
rest on a yesterday

A clear channel coast unseen
with a twisting insanity and sleep
he packs his joyous gun for travel
throttles our first dark epiphany

Shot wild now across everything
a flashback thrust at eternity
so we can rise and savor
savor ending as the dream

editors note:

Endings to beginnings to white noise in between; not so dark after all. – mh clay

Vapor Creation and The Artist at Rest

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Smoke begets smoke
and men who say begets

fading wisps of men
like this one
here again on flimsy pages
which are actually screens before men
this man here begets smoke
and lets it summon whatever
strings of men and other things
that it can get spinning
through any natural air
as if they where a toy
a frail whirl of a toy
here again at the end of a grip
that’s forever bound to this man
and all that he begets

editors note: Slip a slice from the infinite string, see if the smoke swirls there. Then pick another… – mh clay

Dual Sacraments powered by Everafter

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it tasted like nothing
and a little bit of water

but we were looking for flesh
more flesh
to keep an old infant wounded
new flesh
to spring from the pedals
on top of the alter
trampled beneath us
offering eternal flesh
to sustain
a dark holy trembling
shaking below
an eternal boy’s flesh

editors note:

Faith in good ole corpus and calix; powered by Everafter, or maybe Everclear? – mh clay

Our Romantic Disrespect for Physics

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Let’s go undo real
don’t you mean
I say
and you
not anymore

no more elephants
romping by
and back
taking fares

you take off
to stop strings
and I stay

alternate taxis
into reality
which has taken
to fading
and flashing back

back to me
left while you were gone
I say
hey emptiness
ya wanna play?

editors note:

Just another day on the surreal playground; looking for love or a game of freeze tag. – mh clay

The Faux Pas: The Underside of Shaken Men

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We may have been stilled but we’re still thrashing,
taking on aquatic demons under stems’ smoldering influence –
swallowing highballs, turning night over in smoke until it’s pink,
smeared and popping – underneath blazes until night was still again,
until we were shaken again, shaken still, shaken and taken over.

editors note:

After sluffing Ole’ Scratch’s social mores; taken, but not toppled, until the twitchin’s done. – mh clay


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I don’t know what I was gonna say

you’re the best decorated corner
I’ve ever seen

you nearly touch the floor
with your upright part
most up right now

your legs freestyle in low air
your arms trying to become
a part
of your head

I think I wanna touch you somewhere

fear that I’ll fall off
if I do

editors note:

When love is best conveyed from afar, maybe. – mh clay

Exe in the Infirmary

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even in hate I nurse you
it’s okay
if you don’t remember
you were recoiled

dealing at about 80 proof
with your red back exposed
glaring with the marks
of bottle coping, and your new friend

who’s raw glass edge ripped you
a surface wound, an outside emblem
of what you hid up front – of what
your lips hinted at above the pillow

it hurts!
what are you putting on me?
as you fell out
it was all I could see

the glaring color of your back
you’re back
and at the end of one my arms
there’s a fist

at the end of the other
a last grasp at tenderness

editors note:

A case of care giver meets careless liver. – mh clay

In Remembrance of Muzzles Past

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We’ve passed on

unrestrained you go on
on without control
continually igniting out loud
like the Hindenburg inflated
with vocal accelerants
erupting on their own
you go on spewing
-a disaster without concern-
like the Hindenburg with verbs.

editors note:

Rip it or zip it! – mh clay

Entertainment Services by Everafter

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We’ll go round like this forever
She said
She Said
This is dancing
And quickly took to the ground
Opine and flailing

editors note:

A sweetheart subjected to samba and seizure. – mh