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You keep me up at night
When I should be dreaming, right
But when I close my eyes
Brush the stars away with a smile

Start to fall into blackness
Then the darkest expanses
Envelope me into the lucid path
Mind goes too fast to just relax

Heard that certain ninja skills
Teach assassins to sneak uphill
Into unsuspecting dreamers still
Reclining until they move in for the kill

Get ready for the evening
Ready for my mind’s wandering
Vaguely slipping into lucid dreaming
If only I could remember the real things

But it’s too much
To just wake up
And remember enough
To change my luck

So I can’t wait to get tired
Busy sleep is what’s required
Can’t wait to see what transpires
When we slip over the astral trip wire

Never know what’s in store
Through Morpheus’ back door
Till you hit the floor
And decide there is no reason to run for

Realize that everything is nothing
And less is more

Whatever you allow for
Is what you are in for
And before you are done for
You ought to know the score

Nox – subconscious

(edited to become the e.p. “Solid Foundations” by Grey poetry by Suza Kanon, © 2004. Guidance Recordings)

editors note:

Dark, but not dim-witted; brightly stated, high-stepping to miss the trip wire. We’ll take all the fors now and that astral tumble later, thanks. – mh clay

Natural / Un-naturalism

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Aimless lover
Aiming loveless
Walking through the steps
Of romantic bliss

Colors throughout the night sky

Without committed entanglement
To slow down the trip
Rather fun exploring
Instead of settling for it

Wading thru transcendental
Testing sex experimental
Taunting conversation out of hiding
Gaining momentum each & every nightly

Better living through pharmaceuticals
Separating reality from the field trip astral
Like a vampire caught counting by the sun
Burnt up by the tracks ends a life on the run

Running for the joy of it
Maintaining a constant state of motion
Keeping up with the flow of it
Chatting up the riff to the beat & the rhythm

Until you write it all down
It’s just a figment of your imagination
Lay down your freestyle rhyme
And create something more tangible

Like the flip of a hammer
Caught on the downswing
Frantic flow of his banter
Enraptures even strangers that we meet

Driving the bus Further
Than the oj would allow
Full-tilt the whole trip
Feet barely touching the ground

Had the hustlers’ instinct to be
Whatever the person he was with
Wanted him to be
With such delicious spontaneity

So very co-dependently
Without pausing

Just wanted to drive fast
Maybe take the drag backwards
One eye over his shoulder
Got this shit mastered

Experience is the high
That lasts for miles & miles
That can get you off
Even from the passenger side

He always had to drive
Even from cali to the other side
To see the good doctor Timothy
Tripping out on LSD

always had to go faster
to get inside their heads
even so much faster than
down the roads he sped

braking to sing to a bird
taking her back at the nest
telling the lovely intelligence
until body & mind are spent

let the energy flow
with creative motion
feel the beatific glow
of instinctive emotion

rather relaxed
and ultra-magnetic
philosophical rap
about the Dharma Beatific.

(original music production by Patchen Preston & Frank Topp / poetry by Suza Kanon, © 2001 unreleased track / music video by Topp in 2009. poem also remixed into the track “Further” by Preston © 2003 also unreleased)

Ode to Carl Jung

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Synchronicity sticks
Lacks coincidence
Connectivity of living things
that just clicks

Sweet, blind spot of the subconscious
Till it finds awareness

Flips on, lighting up neurons
Instinctively acted upon

So long, as there is breath in the body
The capacity to change remains, resonates
Until we manifest energy & we create

Focus tuned to connectedness
always apparent & ever present
definitely not a singular event
yet still effective

always internalized
so personal & intimate we realize
that choice to respect
free will not neglected

electromagnetic connection
like attracted to like
exploring potential directions
of all our unknown might

brave scientist Jung
admitted his metaphysical inclinations

Pulled back the veil
Of synchronicity
Making us all aware
Of our similarities

& all those connections

Significance is perceived
Resilience it seems
We believe, sensing
what we feel & see

multi-layered dimensions of reality
superstring tangles of possibilities
consciousness awakening
with lucid dreaming

different angles, but both awareness
astral projection, disheveling for scientists
these champions of psychoanalysis
apparent lack of coincidence
in good timing
revolutionary such suggestions

cult of personality
how much is perceived
when expressed by celebrity
certain distortion of intimacy

metaphysics is for those seeking
a science to logical connecting
psychology’s creations

a paradigm of introspection

connectedness of humanity
best tapped inter-dimensionally
archetypes as residual energy
of our past living

in dreaming
all so familiar its seeming

reaching out, to let energy flow
analytical stereotypes,
those static characters of mythos

inherited symbolic, potential order
actualized when crossing over
from sleep to wake, life & death
rebirth of lucid awareness

limbo hypnagogic,
primordial images archaic,

rising to the surface of conscious
dual nature of self exists
in both psyche & waking world
intertwined & encircled

electromagnetic visible spectrum
symbolizing, waking yet experiencing the unseen
range of the spectrum
as psychic subconscious is leading

our brain and heart
both electromagnetically charged
resonating enough
to influence living things around us

perceiving objective order
transcending a single human mind
transcends the external world
dreaming extra-dimensionally, we find

ourselves here plugged into the grid
of all who came after & before
collective subconscious
where enlightenment is explored

“it is a function of consciousness
Not only to recognize

& assimilate the external world
Through this gateway of our senses;

But to translate into visible reality the world
within us. – Carl Jung”

© 2012