Death of a Lonesome Cowboy

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Come hurt me
With your stinging rope of an attitude

Stripping me down
Watching your turquoise tattoo dance

In front of a curtainless window to the world
Your sexy smile and sharp teeth white as lightning

You’re a one-night woman
Unbroken by no one

As I die in all my tomorrows branded by you…

editors note:

Ride the bronco, bitter to be bucked; unrequited cowboy. – mh clay

Off Balance

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Off balance
They keep us
From liberating ourselves

Numbing our news
Hyping our games
Locked in with thumbs up

Omission of truth
Covered over with false flags
We’re nonchalantly hijacked

Speed in our milk
Salt on our wounds
Born dream-drugged

Eyes drifting backward
Butt heavy
Brain light

At this rate
Waiting for the mushroom cloud

We’ll probably throw confetti
At the special effects

Stir-crazy for more
Guzzling drinks
Pinching the next-door neighbor

She’s an ample broad
Eagerly kissing the frog
Anything for a sex spank

When we finally fall
On our smug faces
We’ll just call for room service

The guy in red tennis shoes
With an endless appetite
For more and more of our ignorant souls.

editors note:

Maybe we could keep our feet if we all wore red tennis shoes… (We welcome Stephen back to the fold of our Contributing Poets with this submission. We’re happy to see his mad missives on his own page again – check it out.) – mh clay


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Time ticking
Our tilted heads

Only flesh fearing the inevitable

Infinite space the heart of God
Spirits living within that beat
So sweet
Never crying again

Forgetting all of this
That we have done.

editors note:

An empty slate, all past is passed; God-beat achieved. – mh clay


December 16, 2010  :: 0 comments

Bring me down
from my madness

a high

me into more
than I really am

ease into me
my only woman

this time and ever

dwelling in your eyes
where I should
have never left.


February 3, 2010  :: 0 comments

I’ll be out
on the street
living in my car,
trunk full of clothes,
books I’ve read,
a couple pictures of the ex-wife,
sleeping bag in the backseat,
fogging the windows at night,
dreaming of home:
taking a hot shower,
TV on,
curtains closed,
door locked.


February 3, 2010  :: 0 comments

Folding inward to myself,
squeezing some emotion free,
something deep escaping,
exposing that
that I cannot contain,
loose in this chaotic world,

it flies away moaning,
there is more
to us
than a stick stirring a hole,

we have wings
burdened with such a great guilt,

if we fold inward to ourselves,
we’ll fill the sky.


August 26, 2009  :: 0 comments

The pace quickening,
spreading meltdown

city, town, hut,
lowering tired heads under the weight,

pulling the shade down
on the vibrating window,

pretend not to see
buckling landscapes,

deliver me
into your realm,

seconds ticking,
swelling to burst,

unbutton your blouse
humming your song,

make it slow…


February 24, 2009  :: 0 comments

Signed ourselves away,
pulverized into debt.

Unrealistic in our outlook,
unasked questions and means.

On our way to the grave,
faithless in our doom.

Flames in the dark,
a few moments to reflect.

Come and comfort me,
forsaken we kiss.

Never wanted to
win a war.

by your tears.

Chewing on a growing rage,
I can’t change my mind.


February 24, 2009  :: 0 comments

We are
the wonder of the world.

with freedom.

Your repressive power
will fall this night.


December 22, 2008  :: 0 comments

Stars flickering
so close to touch…

Fiery buildings falling
to the glowing ground,
making room
for a new city of hope.