Sea Poem

featured in the poetry forum May 12, 2015  :: 1 comment

A treasure of time – wide canvas of the sea
Where life was formed from silver gills and a snail‘s cry
And baptized by fleets of stars
Blazing across the sky
An ocean of time
With its relentless song
Carried by seabirds with seashell wings
Skimming across watery crescents
To follow northern lights to tomorrow
And come back to yesterday

Deep down blink ocean eyes
That saw Noah’s rainbow
Fall into the breathing bubbles of life
And saw jellyfish with opaque tails
And ethereal umbrellas
Sinking to nocturnal depths – And beyond
Where swim fish with sword teeth
In the deepest dark of Neptune’s children
Rolling about on the ocean floor
Amongst Atlantis bangles
And gold bars encrusted with algae

Silent, still, spectral, the ocean eyes
That see to the depths of white-ice sands
Where wooden maidens with water-logged breasts
Broken loose from a ship’s bow
To sink to the decades of a rusted anchor
Holding time to the ocean floor

Powerful oracle; fathomless ocean
Born after genesis
But before Vesuvius wore a crown of Sargasso pearls
In nets webbed across waters
Time was caught and carried
To scorched sands of other shores
Where the sun closes purple eyelids on twilight
To open them on melancholy nights

editors note:

Darwin told us life started from the sea. This poet tells us the sea started from poetry. Yes! – mh clay


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A landscape stretched
xxx______ to suspended dreams
Candles burning
xxxxxxxbehind secrets
The white of clouds

xxxxxxxIt fills
xxxxxxxxxxxa world
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxof white

Radiant constellations
xxxxxxxIn crystal frost skies
xxxxxxxxxxxA recluse moon
And the laughter of winds

editors note:

So sweet to see an emptiness so full! (We welcome Susan to our Contributing Poets with this submission. Read more of her heavenly madness on her page – check it out.) – mh


featured in the poetry forum October 28, 2014  :: 0 comments

A barbed wire
around us
A ragged tear
Beyond repair
Arrow piercing
this bloodless vein

editors note:

After the sharp word, silence and an aching hour. – mh

You and I

featured in the poetry forum June 12, 2013  :: 0 comments

You, the troubadour
orbit away from yesterday
I – a mistress to memories
Hold a pen to life
You squeeze tubes of color on
the bare canvas of tomorrow
I remember the palette in verse

editors note:

A poet chronicles a painter’s conquests; brings new meaning to “kiss and tell.” – mh

The Cherokee Log of Time

October 7, 2012  :: 0 comments

The Cherokee son was wondering where to go next when a thundering surge of water hit him full force. Pushed backwards, he was knocked to his knees. Before he could know what hit him, the waters rushed on him again. This time, he fell flat out on his back with waters splashing around to over him, ‘as though I am …

A Wild Gallop Across The Heavens

May 5, 2012  :: 0 comments

Through a hollow darkness, the Cherokee son traveled. He looked up to see a moon riding the skies and stars, galloping across the heavens. Carrying the searching song of his soul, he journeyed until he came to a mountain that he looked through to see another world beckoning him; this was the world that held the spirits of all things. …

Battles Into Sunset

April 19, 2011  :: 0 comments

He crossed over the bridge to walk into the underbrush. Grasses and shrubs, small trees and mosses were sitting motionless even as they shone in the rain shadows. The Cherokee son kept his eyes to the ground searching … until he found what he was looking for; a fat log on which to sit. He plopped down on it with …