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That drawer with its two handles,
One in, one out;
Files on the evergreens,
Files on the banished…

And dust inspectors
Lolling about the hall;
And crusades of custom-built
Panicking muses come to stare

– Come to sound.
Come to turn you on.
Come to ask why
You’ve settled in –, vanishing.

Come to suggest you ‘fill in’
The questionnaire
While invisible spells strike
Moloch’s vacant chair…

I was there. I saw the emery claw
Tug unsuccessfully
At the two-handled draw
– One in. One out.

editors note:

Keep those files in order; categorized by darkened deed. Keep the drawer closed. (We welcome Stefanie to our crazy congress of Contributing Poets with this submission. There’s another new poem in your future, plus more of her madness, on her new page – check it out.) – mh clay


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There’s an unshared
Sadness about
Joy before
Its end –.

The destroyer
His most
Victim –.

A flower, worn by
Seasons, and
The cross-eyed
Dog no-one

Wants for
A pet…


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My love, best not invite
The dowager again
This Easter.
Realise how
Such an incessant
Will have
The bone china
Reheat its fare,
The flue
Choke yellow,
And the pennyroyal
Cry foul.

And, come nightfall, she’ll
Sup and marinate
The marquee
Into a ballroom;
Fan raised
Warding off

Mark my words,
The agitation
Of the Un-merry Widow
Won’t stop there.

editors note:

Change the locks, pull the shades; better house empty than upended. – mh clay


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What counts? Well…
Fingers do when
There’s no obstruction.
Colour. Sense –, and
Nonsense –.

– Nudged
By Quarks
And twin-set mittens

– In Babylon.
– In Balashikha.

editors note:

Meaning from myth derived, by all accounts. – mh clay