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in the old digs you hear yourself speaking in the yesterdays and by one
o’clock am you are ready for fried crullers so you go out in the street
but by having said everything you had always meant you have to stand
at the end of the line and you can’t get the jellyfilleds cause they’re all
out so with better intentions you go to the cheesesteak place next store
and a lot of years go by before it’s your turn again so they spray cheese
right into the bun but who is your friend today was not your tomorrow
and those who were afraid had to come back a second time and even if
you yourself inhaled the smoke you are owned by nothing nothing that
was offered so when the detective puts the ransom letter in your hand
and runs away as fast as he can leaving you with remnants of your old
appetite and you’ve no way to pay and are unable to simply walk away


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at the fatal tree the condemned man spoke to all before he was hung
the future is dumb the past a foreign language the present too long or
changes everything it touches the sleet going down traffic a nightmare
the shed door was broken the locking latch frozen nothing fell out a
different blue at the horizon the color went straight up she reached up
and took a bite outta the moon get up get out get going go go make it
through another day I know I can do this when does a morning end I
know that sunset is over when everything goes black the radio blasts
jumping on the porch dancing till the whole house shakes she opened
the mail hoping to find a letter that didn’t say what the face put in the
eyes a last coffee is good bacon even better is there is only one moon
or else an infinite aspect of endless variation a bad dog is a matter of
perspective a good dog is not perfect there is a fine line the death of
children can’t be borne without belief in something greater she sings
pretty good but a million other semi-virgins can sing just as well their
voices repressed in obsessed sexuality insane teenagers who have lost
the trail petered out amongst the rocks and led straight over the edge
not the bitter end but it might as well be the shortest distance between
two points is downhill pain leads even so to knowledge which leads to
understanding or the big hurt is for nothing I have two cold feet but I
try to walk barefoot every chance I get you can drive at top speed for
hours and hours standing still with the earth turning under you across
the flat Texas plain it rained so damn hard I could barely see past the
windshield but we couldn’t stop and so what are you doing if you try
to take hold of too much control you will never never never be free


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On the night I met her
she was like a firestorm
burning down the factories
in the cities of her memory.

I was from the ice age,
glaciers moving in my veins,
icicles punching through my skin,
passion a forgotten myth.

But need is need,
the body is a grail ready to be filled with heat.

She lit up a candle
and looked down into my eyes.
I thought I saw a desert land
where she was lost and thirsty.

And she was thirsty,
dying of thirst,
and when she sucked me
it turned me inside out.

When she kissed my neck
she tried to inhale me.
When she scratched my back
she tried to open me up.

When she let me in
she tried to take all of me into her.
Lost at sea I almost drowned,
the whole world was water and salt.

She screamed in my ear and shattered my nerves.
I burst a heart inside of her.
I couldn’t get loose, I couldn’t react.
She flipped me over and melted me down.

Sometime after midnight
when the wind was humming deep,
she started crying
said are you asleep?


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kid goes off to school as a matter of habit not knowing his luck
the sum is greater than the parts and one kid in the heart sure is
greater than the hole that is left without one the nuthatch is not a
woodpecker ah so much to learn! it is only a mirror and not the
real thing but it might as well be after the hurricane the air was a
hard blue and the sky is brand new everything changes nothing is
ever always forever and so it is the end of the world every single
goddam day bluegrass in the park “I washed my hands in muddy
water but they didn’t come clean” living in Turkey abandoned by
her husband she still has her kids but still lucky to be strong aura
of American has a fighting chance someday long slow mountains
move under the sheets as she whispers my heart is a bubble sun
came up again so thank God for big favors and small favors too
love is knot but love is surely the last instinct a direct connection
hummingbird and hawk both together in my back yard I’m surely
blessed neat perfect deliberate in hunger a dividing line between
land and sky can be not so clear no a hard lesson learned don’t
you take your back for granted if Joshua Chamberlain had gone
to the Point we’d’ve lost the War Jeb Stuart was too fast for his
own good he outran them all but too late high tide at Gettysburg
which when taken at the flood led on to cert doom it wasn’t right
or wrong it wasn’t about justice it was just business a five string
banjo and an old Gibson guitar is a time machine I saw her again
last night and she was a dream so what did I see are those pearls
or tears which is worth more but I just can’t see clearly anymore


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in the beginning there was no beginning heaven created the earth and
the earth made heaven and darkness drew tight in the void and with a
turn all turned to light and there was light and in its release it divided
the night and spun day out of day and thus was the first moment and
the waters rolled back the earth the earth separated the waters and
the waters separated the sky and the seas rushed up on the land and
the land held back the seas and where the land mixed with the sea
mixed with sky mixed with light something was born and of the thing
born there turned a strand strand around strand all movement reflects
in the double helix and all things orbit each other and themselves the
double helix takes the shape of all movement within wheels all moving
together along the line of time layers built up on layers shine reaching
up for the light one step at a time for billions of years darkness never
free of the light light not unlined by night to this all waters flow from
one shall be many and from many shall be more from more shall be a
multitude but the infinite is out of reach now branching up and rooting
down all from the body of singularity first the heart and then the hands
all things turn around the eye lifting green from the sea spreading out
over and under the sun branching out from death to an ever greater
complexity the hand follows the seed each seed contains the whole
of the universe each drop of water reflects the same the infinite is
outside in but persists in inside out the single moment lasts forever
time is all in one and what life when if life how there is no memory
beyond the now and the space between the planets is not as far as
the space between each atom even in the densest core a moment is
longer than forever forever is compressed into a moment the spread
of time is a comfortable illusion where a day is as long as a night
when counted in millennia each piece is its own puzzle the whole
of is is remembered in time the first hand was a snake and we have
never forgotten or forgiven the first eye was a light this was success
light is not light unless seen the smallest triumph leads to victory of
the soul the first step is to know itself the first day is the longest day
from dark nothing to light and everything to dark and light something
takes less than forever but is so long it might as well be forever the
second day of life feel life on life doubling the cycle and revealing the
helix yet again run down the lines all things must come in twine life
that feeds on life is gray life that feeds on life that feeds on life is
brown life that feeds on life that feeds on life that feeds on life is
red each step is a step up each branch is a branch out each root
is a root in each morning is a day further on sex before flowers but
flowers perfected sex from one flower come many flowers from many
flowers come many species from many species a world of difference
movement begets movement all things made flesh light becomes the
eye reveals light each step an undertaking awakening a little bit more
each eon understanding a little more each millenium with no end in
sight but there is an end to every thing only no end to everything a
cycle is too simple only the double helix can explain the allegory as
all things pass so all things must go a day is a year an era an eon a
day is as long as night shall rise and light shall fall the life raised up
has fallen before and will again what shall last is the double helix
there is darkness on the face of the waters and then there is let there
be light for a baby there are seven days to reach the top rest the speed
of light is an illusion light is everywhere the passage of time is but an
illusion there is only the moment existence is an illusion there is only
is the tides stir the waters ceaselessly there is no rest no peace a constant
change creates levels of change always reaching for the sun the first day
of life was sun green turning light into food food into air air into green
in the morning a waking light that finally understands it is light each step
in the awakening is a day and this is the rest and the seventh these are
the days of our first a baby awakes to one in seven days and so does the
earth a day is as long as the night surrenders a night can be millions of
years long never is never forever remember no memory the earth holds
all secrets but all is revealed in a grain of sand the whole history of the
earth is implicit in a single flower the interweaving interwoven life
moving around the sun the sun the earth the moon in helixes within
helixes and life is the beneficiary of an infinite number of perfectly
balanced engines a clockwork universe that winds itself self correcting
the body of the universe is the body existence exists in both the whole
and the part to know itself there is a most precarious balance between
the earth and moon which creates a balance of wind and water unique
to see so far is there such a thing as another tightrope walker can any
other place be this place how rare is the air this is unique a billion years
in one day and each day grows shorter than an minute to a day where
everything happens at once and time is a lie to stretch the truth an era
has a definitive beginning and end and the only thing that compares is
the day tonight so each stage is a new day whether it takes 24 hours or
24 million years the dinosaurs are just another step and mankind is not
the last and cannot last why is there this there is a beauty in creation
beyond our needs beyond what we want and beyond what we can know
but still feel creation comes in six of seven days and on the last we rest
there is no end to days but there is a limit to remember the universe is
infinite but we are not infinite space is infinite but matter is not infinite
there are more choices that can be made but not infinite chosen each
separate branch leads to the root and the roots branch out and fist the
earth the earth a fist the moon a fist a fight never struck or won each
life leads back along its branch from self to species to type the multitude
is one but one is one plus one it is around and around in the moving
spiral dance all things move in double helix time all born returns to
death all forward turns around all up goes back down moving forward
looking back dark beginnings light a lack in order to know itself we are
here to respond what we call beauty is the night shining in reflected light
step away from the truth and step away from the senses step away from
conception only a guess and a guess of a guess the separation of species
was a dangerous act and dangerously has it been lived all the processes
front to back all the taken has been gived the end result being this is too
good the formulae have all been set but to know the knowable one must
recognize the unknowable for what it is the unknown is mostly knowable
perhaps all maybe into and into the spinning vacuum the matter cannot
break fee forever something has to go somewhere time does everything
but stand still where there is no right moment only a moment to right and
of course no end