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Eighty million of them and I have to get the guy I Seig Heiled in Thailand. I shouldn’t have done it. He was just a hippie tourist. I have a beef with Nazi Germany, sure, but who doesn’t!? I mean, get over it, man. That’s what the German should have said to me, when, drunk, I met him in the …

“And The Apostles Put Their Tails Between Their Legs (and howled)”

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Nobody knows why or how. Things just happen. For all science thinks it knows, the vast storehouse of the unknown dwarfs what man knows. So, it was with concern and alarm that Dart stepped across the threshold. For it was a threshold of no return. Deep into inky darkness he fell. Swimming, in an apparent weightless condition, Dart flailed his …

Poor Americans

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antagonists, living
at home
in the robust
imagination of God
plot lines.

editors note:

In this land of plenty, a plethora of plot lines. Praise god! – mh clay

Learning Curve

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Life was good at that point in my life. I didn’t want it to decline. I thought if I just don’t do anything I might be okay. But I doubted it. I’d tried to lay low before. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, they found me. The people found me. My old dog found me. Seemed the more I tried to …

In The End

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Hoist not
upon thine own petard
skepticism and cynicism
given Epicureanism
and Stoicism
Satanism and BDSM
lead straight to Jesus.

editors note:

Believe your own boom or bondage be thine. – mh clay

The Shape of Things to Come II

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It’s 2042 and I’m eighty years old. I was born in 1961. I’ve seen a lot in my eighty years and I’d like to talk about or tell you about how things are different now than they were back then. How things have changed since the seventies, the eighties and nineties, the two thousands up to 2022. August 8, 2022 …

To Further Life

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Purchase an organic
parcel for your body
friend whence
it leaveth your soul
to bluster and rot
among life explosion
riot in putrid
genesis to yore.

editors note:

Post it pre-paid return, keep the cycle going. – mh clay

Finding the Corpse

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Can’t believe I’m not here anymore! Look, my son is looking up at me. He’s waving to the ceiling! He’s waving to me! He’s thinking, might he cut off a lock of my hair? For future cloning? He’s thinking…What!? Too much hassle! Won’t be around to see me cloned anyway! Son, are you sure bong hits are appropriate now? Gee, …

Learning Living Now

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My whole goal in
life seems to be
not to puke in me
mouth and swallow
go figure
only one thing to pursue
and that’s the mystery
free mind to contemplate
and dream not wallow
in memory but rejoice
in it both good and bad
as time learning to be
better or done with the
past – intrusive memory
be darned! – is a worthy
and theology allows us
to love the cruelty of nature.

editors note:

Happy oinkers, we; rejoicing in our wallows. (Praise God!) – mh clay


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You’re the same as
your mother
don’t you see
living in DNA harmony
smiles held too long
with laughter robust
slow together do combust
particles which wave
insistent to comply
bursting kaleidoscopic ambrosia
of heaven
the prism within
a tear drop’s precipitous

editors note:

What are we, anyway? – mh clay