things unfixed

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not so long ago
i went that way home
now i go this way
& before those two places
i went home a whole other way
& before that another
& it saddens me that home
is always unfixed
certain as the direction
of wisps of smoke
& maybe none of these are home
roads & smoke be cursed
maybe home is only in this
goddamn line & the next
& to settle down is to get lost
in this ancient place of ink

editors note:

Home is where the art is. – mh clay


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i once had a teacher
who made us type out
word for word
our best loved works
by our favorite poets
he said it’d bring us
closer to the soul
of the writers
& i eventually did
the same thing
w/ certain organs
typing out verbatim
the mad melancholia
of the spleen
& terribly lonely cries
of the bloody fist
w/ in the ribcage

editors note:

Anatomical exasperations. – mh clay


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the womb is an urn
for kidnapped starlight

newborns are corpse-puppets
twitching on bloody umbilicals

pretending not to be homesick
for mother nothing

editors note:

Nothing from nothing says something. – mh clay

masochistic little princes

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when i was 10 years old
me & chris found
a discarded door in the woods
& some cinderblocks
among a heap of garbage
& we made a makeshift ramp
in a nearby overgrown lot
& we spent sunday afternoon
jumping it w/ our second-hand bikes
we often fell when we descended
skinning our knees & elbows
on cracked pavement
bruises all over our bodies
a bloody lip and nose
slivers of busted beer bottles
stuck in our skin
beneath ripped, greasy t-shirts
but we straightened our handlebars
adjusted our crooked seats
set the chains back in their metal teeth
& began again
mounting that magic battered door
over & over
crashing thru the weeds
laughing as we each tumbled
our young shapes
flowering w/ purple welts
that at least did not come from
the heels or fists
or belts of our fathers

editors note:

Taking the fall for the flight. (We welcome Rob to our crazy congress of Contributing Poets with this submission. Read more of his madness on his new page – check it out.) – mh clay

thinking of li po

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sat on stone steps w/ cricket
under red august moon
other crickets singing
but this one moon-quiet
unlike my foolish head

editors note:

Giving in to peer pressure. – mh clay

beautiful slashes

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an old writer
i admired
drunk on whiskey
at the bar
told me once
when i was young
if you don’t write
every day
you’ll never be
a great writer
& if you write
every day
you might be
a great writer
& his words
slashed like
a utility knife
across my brain
& i braille scars
from that old
beautiful bastard
on those days
when i hit a wall
& then i pull out
the rickety chair
from the old desk
& jab the keys
hard lines forming
thick & raised
enough to trace
in the dark

editors note:

Raised welts to wend a sightless way. – mh clay


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we often had bonfires at that place
we’d ride around collecting
busted skids from factories
in the nearby industrial park
& toss them into the back
of the pick up truck
on nights like those the fire
would soon be roaring
& we’d all be smoking & drinking
i remember my friend’s ten year old son
had this obsession w/ slugs
he liked to hunt them
& then impale them w/ a stick
he explained to us they were evil beings
& his mission was to destroy them
you’d be drunk shooting the shit & laughing
& then the boy would run up
& pitch another slug into the flames
you’d hear it hissing as he ran into the dark
in search of another
i’d felt a certain peace there
at those gatherings
opening one can after another
the cherry of my cigarette always aglow
glad for the warmth & the banter
& the boy who was delivering us from evil

editors note:

Sanctuary comes in all forms… so does evil. – mh clay


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fuck thinking positive
you just have to be insane:
say “cheese” to the gun barrels
of pain aimed at you
give yr demons a piggyback ride
gather all the parts of yr brain
that hate you & make a necklace of them
marry suicide & adopt death
& dress it up like a lamb

editors note:

Yup! You carry them, or they carry you. – mh clay

just you wait

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things appear
dead all around
but for every dry stick
& headless stem
& bloodless root
there will be
innumerable flowers
just you wait
& yr only desire
will be to lie
down among them

editors note:

So much better to recline in resplendence than to dally among the dead. – mh clay