Slight of Hand

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Nothing I write
satisfies my heart
I long to reach the end
of my novel shore
where the sun barely touches ocean
like when I circle the curls of your hair
lost in your loop
taking me back to the carnival of love, again
with its endless magic and tricks
your illusions and all
caught in your spell
mesmerized as if I’m seeing you pass me again
for the very first time

© May 4, 2014

editors note:

Ahhh! True Love… so mysterious; before we learn the truth of it. (Read another Mad missive about love on Rafael’s page – check it out.) – mh clay

A Letter to Her

August 10, 2016  :: 0 comments

The brilliance of man
is that he may overcome
if given a chance
striking glances-
morning rays he doesn’t deserve
a rare ability to topple defeat
just at the expense of feeling alive
synchronized green stop lights
and the silence of the intersection
when the city wolf comes calling
yet the animal has no prayer
a point where the prey loses the kingdom
your heart still beating in my hand
I love you before the dawn
bats her delicious eyelashes
back before she guesses
if your stares are more than
straight horizontal sunrises
back when kisses were kisses
and my cassette tapes
were washed in teenage Robert Smith melancholy.

© February 28, 2016

editors note:

Melancholy musings; relive the longing with none of the pain. – mh clay

the heart is young

March 4, 2015  :: 0 comments

She made you grab the last jacket on the store rack
the one with the multi-colors
the one she thought represented paradise
the one that will never bring her back
to you
to then
to what it was
to when gods rubbed elbows with you
back when intersections were more innocent
when the cradle robbed the grave
when the spirit woke the dead
you were used to this
used to losing its trace
of that ghost
who said it knew you
you lent it
your letter-man jacket
it made more sense
back then.

© 2015

The Greater Space

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There was a voice capture of space in 2000-2003
By Nasa, it raised fears, suspicions, assertions
the rumblings have little facts
a possible fact, some measure of life
was attained
be it by light, sound or image
the rings of Saturn called her lover
the song of Earth
raised desperation to the brink of sunrise
Saturn so far,
has calculated more than her rings
Here on Earth
we hear it all
Albeit, from a distance
the abstractions
constant interactions
a blip,
a sound,
a molecule
trying to reach out
for something other than its deity
circumference circling around
to let us know
to grab a phone
point at the heavens
cower into the unknown darkness
we have a visitor
it could be our past creations
trying to secure
a passage into the future.

© August 20, 2014

editors note:

There’s no telling what future past may pass through present; unsettling. Best keep space at arm’s length. (Read another of Rafael’s mad missives on his page; a jacketed jab from love’s past – check it out.) – mh

North Star

March 20, 2014  :: 0 comments

Are you the North Star?
Did we not call you Thuban?
Are you the lone trigger man in an assassinated sky?
Did the cosmic sea become too comical for you?
Did Chris Farley do the fat man in the little coat?
Did it embarrass you?
Is everything we heard true?
Were you made of star wishes?
Did the finger of God really touch Adam?
Did the hydrogen bomb tickle God’s fancy?
Were any halos harmed in the process?
Did it cause a stir in heaven?
When you face North are you just staring at your own lights?
Is it all a hot mess?
When a nomad points at you in the night
do you wink in approval?
Can a heart be led solely by stars?
When Orion adjusts his belt does he make a show of it?
Will we always be able to navigate your lights?
Are we not all at some point dead to rights?
Will we eventually be sucked into a black hole?
Do hopes really lie with the poles?
Will you forever follow the Earth?
Why do opposites attract?
Why are we under constant attack?
When a quarter is dropped in a water fountain
do you roll your eyes?
Will the Earth truly know peace?
How many times did God crumble the paper and start over?
Will the wishing ever stop?

© December 5, 2013

last known entry

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dot, dot, dot
I did, I did, I did
it’s gone, it’s gone
Oh my God, it’s gone-
Peace we did not find
I’m lost, I’m lost, I’m lost
without anyone but my
night shadows to distrust
I paid the cost, oh the cost, the cost.

© January, 6, 2014

editors note:

In the light of recent events… – mh


October 1, 2013  :: 0 comments

the way you look at me now
is far from the country I knew
I was riddled in blame
my soul once a landscape
of heavy rain
what you witness now
rivers of my redemption
mirror and surge
upon your rocky eyes
my inner walls
retreat and surrender
you arrived just in time
to witness my heart’s betrayal,
I shall sink in familiar murky waters
Capsized love-
For, I’m neither a boatman nor a captain
I’m caught at the riverbank
immigrant in my own homeland

© 2013

Hearts of Darkness

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Charles Marlowe dreams
of ivory and long skinny elephants
caught, entangled in wilderness
My dreams,
have no elephants in the room
better yet,
in the dark distance
exist old mating calls
and ancient Aboriginal lights
a path back
where there are no lines
marked in the sand
no battle waged
against the color of one’s skin
and the night married
to colors of amaretto and rose
with such beauty I arose
my enchanted night
wisked away
by the brave sun

© 2013

editors note:

What we fear in the night, rendered harmless in the day. Keep the light on! – mh

at dawn

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what a strange kinship

light and fire
its flickering song
the lament of you and moon
yesterday morning
made of dreams
the Ocean
a letter
enveloping currents
man on fire
us against the world
standing tall
learning from lunar love

its firmament
a wreck
inside dawn
romantic fool

© May 1, 2013

editors note:

In the dawn light, always a fool to be rescued from underneath wreckage. – mh


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I’ve heard from personal accounts
and television testimonials
that some lucky individuals
have seen the other side
Can death be new life?
Is heaven that close?
that we can follow the light out of a tunnel
like sewer rats in search of truth?

It’s a beautiful comfort
in knowing that a purifying radiance exists
that a doomed love can see the light of day
that a lost soul can be born again

Our human nature seeks light
Time to make things right
If I could reverse lumination
from the hour cast of stars
in my mother’s belly
I would pluck the jagged ones
and replace them with hope instead

It pains me
to count losses at the speed of light
We are drawn together
by a promising brightness,
Is it possible to take apart war
and create peace?
Is there safety in numbers?
Parked at a convenience store,
I observe millions of moths
swim to a light post,
while a desperate city flickers

© 2012

editors note:

Keep the jagged ones in a drawer in the nightstand; never open before sun up. – mh