New Corner Road Side Store Awning

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a working girl has UNOPPORTUNITY
John u pass my corner
John u enter a bar
John u spend ur $ on Johnny
on payday John save ur $ 4 me
im yours 4 15 minutes
still on 5th & Main Street corner duty
if i could get the price is right corner
1-night in the contestant’s row bid
1-week in the showcase showdown
today’s mark-down: pay 4 a hand get a mouth
not in america
america is still mayflower-ing
i return to my corner & bend
my hips

editors note:

No breaks for the oldest profession during an inflated economy. (We welcome Robert to our crazy congress of Contributing Poets with this submission. Read more of his madness on his new page – check it out.) – mh clay

Da Foe

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without da no restraining order
no-one to shoot at
who da salt?
who da peppa?
no-one to say don’t come here again
i miss da foe

without da no war
no button to push
who da dark?
who da light?
no-one to oppose
i miss da foe

without da no broken heart
no-one to have headache
who da top?
who da bottom?
no-one to hate
I am da foe

editors note:

For friends, no foe-cus. – mh clay

All Niter

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not Lionel Richie singing all night long, really!
Pages & Pages unread humanities books, really!
Servant Dan Quote > 1,000 pages, really?
no Coles notes, really?
no-one selling Quote term paper, really?
read 1100 pages, 6 pm 2 6 am, really!
2 am, cnt c, re l l y
let go of my Twinky, REALLY!
1 Twinkie 4 1 Moon Pie, NO! really?
8 pm no video room 2 play Miss Pacman, really!
no fun exam week, really!
11 pm p is Twinkie yellow, really-
Nodoz keeps awake, really?
4 am, diarrhea toilet reading, REAL…LY!
take PeptoBismal, when take Nodoz, really?
this is college, really?
Satan right my paper 4 my soul? NO! Really?
4 am 2 8 am, write Quote paper, really
Quote windmills r the enemy, really?
no more black typewriter ink, really!
press keys 2 red ink, redlly
finger bondage 2 typewriter keys, really!
3 typos, reverse correction, still 1 typo, really!
liquid paper fixes typos, really?
alarm clock, push snooze, Really!
roomie took my jean Jacket? Really?
write my paper 4 my jean jacket? No? Really!
9 am dropped paper in teacher mail slot, really
asleep in student lounge, really!
calculus test in 2 days, really!
fall semester over, REALLY!
return spring semester? really?
spring semester, Ding Dang new vending machine snack, really!
teacher reduced my grade by ½ grade for red type, really?
drop registration form in this box? really?

editors note:

Here’s the source of student debt. Really! – mh clay