A Rose

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I pull a fetid rose
from the Garden

of life,
I know little

it’s this death I’m living
that is too familiar

torn lotto tickets taste of it
same as a cold styrofoam shell from
Dot’s Diner where my story fell flat and
the blue hairs waxed on about the way it was
despite their commitments

so I poured another crack whore a drink and told Bill
his cab smelled like roses
as he pushed another filter in his burnt lips
and pointed to the rose hanging from
his one way mirror

rinse and repeat

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hope is not for the weak of heart
the flight delays can kill you

so we write and disperse the little things,
as thank you notes disappear behind pay stubs and beauty secrets
never used, laugh at the lines of your life now
etched in stone residues
that only one more time, can ever erase
even though
you apply and reapply,
rinse and repeat and always
discard properly,
but somehow recycling day passes, leaving blue
bins full of meaningful information
Generation hexed will fail to absorb
into their ectoplasmic shrines, built
to the God of I told You So and
See Now what happens
when timid steps carry you up to a point
where steel-toed boots could have brought you
yet your arrival would not be greeted with
half the fanfare
you would expect
for someone who has no one
but themselves
to blame