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The dream is a misconception,
the misconception is a mistake-illusion.

The dream is a mirror,
the mirror is a wish -unfullfilled.

The dream is a shadow,
a shadow that makes me hug it constantly.

editors note:

Somniscribed syllogisms shake dream logic; what is waking, what is sleeping? – mh

Silence wanders

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We pass through a time of loud indifference
Ego and death ’re fused in the scream of the trice
Silence wanders in the universe – between us

editors note:

The flash fiction of friendship foundered. – mh

Rainy day

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The day ended with rain, the moon is back again
You yield your breasts in silence, in sweat, in hush
Drop by drop, out of breath, together, we get soaked

editors note:

Hushed lust, forbidden fruit, cleansing rain – all sins forgiven. – mh