Full Moon

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If time stood still
It would be the perfect calm,
No storm could build
Or rush in.
If time failed to tic,
While quietness played
Lulling perfect calm – I’d wake
Lie in moon beams,
Watch light dance through darkness,
When all’s hushed
Except for cows!

Fucking noisy cows
One’s always out of sync
Higher pitched, gurgling as if squeezed,
Is it choking on regurgitated time?
Lone fox calls, echoing. Almost duets.
Everything stills, mad dogs come to heel
Low grumbling growls meander,
On guard – In case she knocks – Wailing.

editors note:

Lowing, barking, moon up high, growls beneath; still for time, calm forever… – mh

Closing time

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Somewhere in between verse and ballads, in the depth of words,
You’re alive!
On what was once blank, now full of emotional torment and wit!
In between the lines, eyes see, drink in what swirls and spills
From the mind that creates and brings its images to life,
Almost lyrically rich, a rawness that only you can hold,
We dance this dance you and I every time a page is turned,
As your story journeys down a new path,
Into the deep playground of your mind you go
A title is born,
Long after closing time.

editors note:

Poet and poem converge upon poetry lover until words and wonder wind up into one. – mh