A Red Bordeaux

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We met neath frost laden boughs
in the stealth of stolen moments
in the middle of December.
Your breath my breath
warm and urgent against our skin.
Our footsteps merged and melted
in virgin snow, our dance within
a speckled snow globe.
My red scarf slipped
leaving my shoulder bare
I shivered when you placed bold lips there.
Sun shifted and it was time to go,
Did we make promises, no.
you said you owed that to your wife.
Three decades have passed, to some
a lifetime, to others the time of their life.
Your name I’ve kept close and whisper
each new year in a silent toast.
The memory vibrant and even now
I see that yarn of red laying in virgin snow
an emblem of my life, a spilt red bordeaux.

editors note:

A sorry loss for a stupid cuss. I’d be a wino for that bordeaux. – mh clay

To Birth Over Boundaries

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quiet but determined manifestations
bleed through the languor of a morn in autumn
each second, minute, hour, and day
whether we are aware or not
accumulate into the cycle of seasons
like fractals they rise and fall beyond unfathomable limits
we have no choice but to birth over boundaries
bewildering the strange yet familiar comeliness
ever subtle this shift from death to life
and back again, a metamorphosis
warmth of the dust, the crackle of purgatory
beneath our feet purifying, terrifying and real

editors note:

Yes! Unconscious though we be; that “crackle” snaps, pops and prevents our poor attentions from paying anything but full price. (Thanks, Paula! We needed this.) – mh clay


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your scent surged throughout
every fissure of my mind
I stood raw and vulnerable
seduced by your opulence
incautious of my own sanity
wretched and radiant intertwined
in torrents I poured into your darkness

editors note:

Capture this essence; sell a fine perfume. Sell your soul; gulp the entire torrent. – mh clay

Sunlight Wanes

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tired leaves twist seeking the splendour of the soil
within a tree’s core a physical process beyond our ken

upon weathered body carved crevices sustain living realms
in which we will never travel

limbs unburdened by foliage delight in their freedom
ready now to support each snowflake layer by layer

nature leaves nothing to circumstance

editors note:

Hmmm, tree rings, thickened bark; if we were trees… Selah! – mh clay

Centuries Lost

April 1, 2011  :: 0 comments

Pull me into the warmth of your arms where
I will be sequestered from life’s frantic realities.
Soothe my soul with your breath upon my
open lips, tuck me within for but a moment,
protected from the sun’s ever-consuming rays.

I am tired of free falling.

Hold me gently against your chest,
just let me lay and wearily rest
on the sand, the ever shifting sand.

Let me absorb the misplaced energy of
centuries spent as I inhale the vibration of you,
as spans of life times mingle and twist and
twine into and out of clandestine eras that
entangle in quantum’s junction.

The knowledge that this…
is where I am to be,
as only a soul travelling aimlessly would perceive.

I have paid but one colossal fee ~
of centuries mislaid of you without me.

Against My Skin

February 15, 2011  :: 0 comments

Like gentle kisses
rain fell upon my
upturned face.
I leaned forward
no will of my own.
You brushed back
my auburn hair, wet
against my skin.
I laid my cheek in
the palm of your hand.
I closed my eyes…
And breathed you in.

The Edge Of Reception

July 4, 2010  :: 0 comments

At the edge of reception where
I know naught.
Sphere, realm, dimension.
Not fully in nor out.
Stretched between nanoseconds
Of here and there and now and then.
Mathematical matrix of
Quirks and quarks and myths and
I dislike physics, but the science of
Matter and energy and their
Interactions make sense of this
Draw beyond my ken.
It taunts and flaunts spectacular
Galaxies as I travel amidst this
One star ruin.
Black holes beckon and I barely
Resist their temptation.
I am so in awe.
Quick! What is the definition of
Redemption as I teeter on the
Edge of reception.

Stared Into Dawn

January 5, 2010  :: 0 comments

In my dream you dreamt
You felt the heat of me
Against the strength and
Shelter of you.
My tendrils swept within
The hues of your shadow
That sculptured our bodies
In intimate detail.
In my dream you dreamt
I touched you,
Your body arched with
Instinctive desire.
Bodies wanting more, yet
More was not enough.
No words needed in this
Primitive Feast.
No games. No rules. No decorum.
We lay tangled, spent.
He said, “you smile in your sleep.”
Startled I pondered if he knew
Of the dream I dreamt of you.
I turned away and
Stared into Dawn.

– Paula Dawn Lietz

(featured in the poetry forum 01.05.10)