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stationed at kissing desks
I feel the implode of anxiety
within this sweathouse of labor and woe
telephones chime
with the sweet rhythm of security
being enslaved can be a joy all its own
ungrateful maybe
but a yet to be defined pay scale
can mean so much in a bunker filled
with high school grads
through the fog and thunder
of these cackling underachievers
who slam file drawers in disgust
a voice sweet and low says onto me
hey you, wanna’ fuck

editors note:

Said no one from HR (we wish) ever. (We welcome Richard to our crazy congress of Contributing Poets with this submission. Read more of his madness on his new page – check it out.) – mh clay

The Flag

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it hung there like a noose
around the neck of a people
a road map in red and black
with a series of right turns
this destination unknown to me
a child half of twenty-one

father was seeking
shocked at what he found
his stare a chisel to stone

a large oak desk
the trio who sat behind it
bald, boots, tattoos
with menace and calm
grabbed hold of our eyes
aborting peripheral vision

a three second eternity
chilled the air
then the middle one chirped
may we help you

editors note:

No shudder to think. No skin off my head. – mh clay


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a giant eyeball flashes ‘cross the sky
I fly to its retina
it blinks
I am trapped
my bed is soaking wet
my libido dies
I stand
I fall to my knees
dragging what is left of me
gazing at my oppressor as
a giant eyeball flashes ‘cross the sky

editors note:

Stuck in the loop of seeing the loop of stuck in the loop…(endif) – mh clay