Finally I Killed…

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Each day he came with new comrades
As an army that marches towards its foes.
When darkness overcast the day,
When I am most vulnerable,
He, like a vampire, came
And sucked my blood, drop by drop
Bit by bit
With his weapon sharp as a needle
That pierced my body
Leaving behind, blood stains on my skin, on my face.
The very walls of my room
Stained with my blood and his,
Are a tell-tale sign of my struggle
To save my life from his cruelty
And shrewdness towards me.
How long could I bear?
I winced, I flailed, I smacked and I scratched
But he was undeterred as ever
So one fateful night to free myself from
That measly creature, that parasite,
I took his life, yes!
I thwacked and

the mosquito!

editors note:

Some bloodsuckers are not lovers at all, but cause for justifiable homicide. – mh clay


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