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The heart of an angel
in stone of church
on the seashore
the cry of God
in the infinity
of the universe.

editors note:

Where we hear is a holy place. – mh clay


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the sign of the cross
on top of the pyramid,
the arrival of the new God,
in the desert of the spirit,
the sphinx of death in tears,
the prayers of the apostles
of the new age,
the Bible in the hands of the pharaoh.

editors note:

Holy appropriation, Tut-man! – mh clay

The sea of life

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of lamp
in the hair
Mother of God
at the bottom
for immortals.

editors note:

Denizens of the deep, we sing to live forever. – mh clay


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by invisible chains
to a black obelisk,
they continued to live
in the desert
completely insane,
without a future
they are looking for God
in eternal glory
tracks in the sand.

editors note:

Seeking sanity from the sand. – mh clay


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We are gone
they disappeared in the storm
at the bottom of the ocean
buried memories and feelings
of my people
dictatorship under the guise of democracy
imitation of life
bells of the last Christians
they ring in the mother’s arms
at the bottom of the ocean
where the memories are buried
of my people
who died
under tourist boats, police, scum of all kinds
with the permission of the state and corrupt politicians
the tears also disappeared
in prayer time.

editors note:

How long must they hold their breath to not be forgotten? – mh clay

Christianity of the pagans

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Apostles of faith
in the shadow of the cross
at the top of the pyramid,
the remains
of temples
pagan symbols
In the ruins,
the last believers
of the doomsday,
endless rain
on the hill of Golgotha.

editors note:

How we got from Tree to tree. – mh clay

Robert Johnson

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At the crossroads
of life
he made
a pact
with the devil
and became
the blues alchemist
with his music
opens the gates
of heaven.

editors note:

Guaranteed entry with that key. – mh clay


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In the desert,
an abandoned church
out to the gods
in the darkness
of time.

editors note:

Building or bosom, best not empty be. – mh clay


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The shadow
on the land
the traces
of the saints
in the thoughts
of the apostles
in prayer.

editors note:

Seeking truth in shadows; reason to pray. – mh clay

The church of the sea

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in the hearts
of unbelievers
on the coast
of the Dead Sea
traces of sailors
in the shadows
of the waves
the church of the sea
in the mother’s tears.

editors note:

The dead are resurrected in their tears. – mh clay