And then there was You

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To not ever give up for what you need-
Knowing one day that heart will be freed…
Send the message to all concerned-
Defeat takes much more than getting burned…

Now, I can see beyond the trees,
Through the forest, beyond raging seas…
Tiny moments unraveling in time-
Sharing all of it with my someone, in rhyme…

Someone to touch this life that is shared,
Like new Love & second chances compared…
To have, to hold to follow all the way through-
I looked up, And then there was You.


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Eloquently exiting fragrances fill~
The displacement of your surrounding air;
These full flavors swim by my will~
Dancing in the heart of chaos with care…

Memories made of this momentary space~
Become a spice within the perfect sort;
Entwined with a ribbon of Angel’s lace~
And invisible flights of passion, too short.


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Ravenous for the lightning from your touch—

Let alone, other propensities & such—

I heard you laughing & I wondered…
(ringing in my ears like thunder)

When was the last time I made you laugh?

It was as good as it could ever get
From that first moment on the day we met…

I held it in my hand for a second
Thought I had a good grip—
Letting it slip, it fell through my fingers…

(Damn how the loss of Love lingers).

Home-Cooked Confusion

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Sugar donuts frolic among star crunching pop-tarts
Dry goods are playing games with each other
The chicken in the freezer counts its parts
I saw this all & screamed for my mother…

Chef Boyardee gets a solid microwave tan
While Betty Crocker hides a bun in the oven
The scoop is that the dough-boy is her man
But, he is busy giving Dolly Madison lovin’…

Cigarettes smoke & give themselves cancer
So that Twinkies can live always.
(Long live the Twinkies!)
Macaroni and Cheese is a pretty good dancer
Depending on the gig & how well it pays.