The Longest Kiss Goodbye

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I saw it in your eyes the moment it happened
When the light shining upon our time started to dim
Escaping through the edges of an elemental kiss
Neither one of us knowing it might be the kiss goodbye…

Now, it has come to this-
Finding a way to let go of what we know
Holding back the desires to touch, to clutch
Affections galore to be given freely, no more…

I want you to know that it will just be a show
Continuing on, as if our time is not gone
There is no way I cannot Love you each day
You know me – I will always dream away.

editors note:

Dreaming to shape a harsh reality into the opposite of goodbye. – mh clay

Requiem for a Tear

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The heat from my tears
Reminds me of your sweet embrace.
As they flow down my lonely face,
A silhouette of your heart they trace…

Soaked into my skin
The circle begins, again
I remember-
xxxThat not a thing can stop the Sun from rising
The light of a new day-
xxxxxxThat draws me closer to you is surely shining…

As sure as the world is turning
My heart is beating
To Love you, on purpose.

editors note:

No greater love than love on purpose. Thanks, Michael! – mh


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Troubling dreams:

xxxA ruby red crescendo crosses brutal
Softly bruising Love’s laughter
xxxVelvety vengeance melted,
xxxxxxYour taste so sweet & warm…

xxxxxxAlluring beauty, glistening in
xxxxxxthe air, delicate & rare;
xxxA silky soul with a romantic role
xxxxxx(Is my mysterious Muse with an
unseen use)?
xxxxxxA beauty inspired prize, very
xxxxxxsmall in size:

These troubling dreams:
xxxxxxWho knows what it means?

editors note:

I could stand for such a muse to trouble my dreams, “Velvety vengeance melted, delicious” sounds tasty to me :) – mh


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Ice cold stone faced
xxxEmotions misplaced
My heart beats strong
xxxAll day long…

As I let go the need to know
xxxMy fantasy begins to grow
Now gone blank hearted
xxxMy sanity has departed…

Gigantic daydreams play out
xxxInto my soul without a doubt
Taking me away to that better place
xxxI disappear without a trace…

xxxNever to be found again;
Today the Angels finally win.

editors note:

Human travail as angels’ game. We’re all goners! – mh

Two Become Won

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Deep, Once boundless Lovers
xxxBecome irrevocably delicious
Leaving inelegance to further solitude…

Phantom versus desire, two worlds collide
xxx(Stealing the ability to exist at all)
Against the real, imagined distinction between hearts…

A new dimension created, only they could share
xxx(Once alone, Two become Won)
Laugh indelibly, walking on the Sun.

editors note:

Cosmic, colossal love roulette. Spinning suns; two for a win. – mh


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Intenseness of overwhelming desire
Runs through my veins;
The bright spark that starts a fire,
Just before it rains…

Your Love guarded within my heart,
As we wallow in imperfection.
Previously torn apart;
Having made one wrong selection…

These times are tough, we must be strong
I make your beautiful body shake;
You make me belong.
So much is at stake…

Our Passion is invincible.
The Quest is True.
We will pick up the Pieces,
Just Me & You.

editors note:

When your most precious possession lies in pieces on the floor, get the glue and the band-aids; there’s work to do. – mh


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Mystical motion of radiance
Spills out of gigantic hand-held creation…

Nourishment of Omnipotence begins to dance
Causing power spindling vibration…

Constellating systems combine thrust & rhythm
Protecting purpose filled coincidence…

Driving explosions climax to a rumbling hum
Conceiving the spiritual experience.

editors note:

Transubstantiation from the heavenly host to a psyche near you. It’s a bell-ringer! – mh


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Watching her go, I had a thought:
Now, this is the end of the end.
Stable but shaken & a bit distraught;
I realized our marriage we failed to mend…

Torn forever,
This time.
Better to sever,
For lack of rhyme…

Knowing all along,
This day would come
I tried to stay strong,
At least strong to some…

And finally, This:
(In just the blink of an eye)
I blew her a kiss-
And now it is time to say goodbye.

editors note:

Love gone wrong makes the saddest goodbye and the harshest weight-loss program. Blow that kiss, turn around… – mh

Paradise Tasted

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True partners-in-crime
Let’s take the honey and run!
Making Love rhyme all the time…

Coupled together with a tantric, hypnotic blaze
Tested in this fire, we certainly have been
So deserving of our wonderfully chaotic daze…

Never having a moment wasted
While sharing our wasted moments
A kiss from you is paradise tasted.

editors note:

Now, that’s lip-smackin’, soul-whackin’ goodness. Think I’ll take another bite. – mh


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Letting that emotion win, Again & Again
Now & Then, we still take it in the chin,
Defending until the End…

This, too, we will mend
All I have is Love to send
I will never, ever pretend…

Knowing this knows that showing this grows
The Heart that stands tall against Love’s foes

editors note:

Thanks for this “how to”, Michael! We could all stand to grow our hearts a little. – mh