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Menapausura is a prescription medicine
With little success for short-term
Non-continuous chronic hormone
Changes in women

Menapausura is approved for older women
It may cause serious side effects including
Extra tummy, insomnia, dryness,
Lack of care, neediness, distraction,
Frequent clothing changes, donations
And purchases

Tell your doctor if you have sweating
Or discomfort while wearing a coat
In negative temperatures

If you become pregnant
Immediately cease use of

For all possible and impossible
Side effects of Menapausura
See 100-page insert

What is the most important
Information you must know
About Menapausura?

Report any adverse effects
To someone who
Doesn’t live with you

Menapausura is a registered
Trademark of Incyte-ful Poetry
2023, MH Corporation

editors note:

Read this disclaimer; you assume all risks. (MH Corp has no association with Mad Swirl). – mh clay

Once Upon a Time, the Outer Wall of the Castle was Called the Bailey, and It Enclosed Everything

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Bailey’s body cast a big shadow across the property, protecting the castle and the inhabitants in times of attack. That is what I told myself, anyway, when I purchased the property on East Ghouland Avenue in Philadelphia. This magnificent estate, built in 1857, not only included the bailey with a beautiful courtyard, but also a three-story rounded tower with battlement-style …


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1 Across the face
They came
Clues for me
But none to make sense of it
Life is useless that way

2 Down with tears
Rainy everyday
Movie from 1966
I know every line
On days I can

We used to do these puzzles

Some we sped through
Others needed both of us
Not every life can live everything
Know everything
You kept track of facts better

I recorded my feelings

Yes – Who wrote Ode to Death;
That little known province is what?
Thank God for 3 letter answers to help
Except we already know the suffix for cancers
Better brush up on the Old Testament

Answer for 60 Across, Eros
A good feeling to remember

editors note:

Share your crosswords and never have a cross word. – mh clay

Red Hen’s Sweet Shop 

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“Someone is holding their finger on my door buzzer,” Renee said to her newish boyfriend, Neal. “It’s probably Michael,” he said, and rolled his eyes. “It’s Sunday. He knows you’ll have some tasty morsels for him.” Michael is Renee’s brother. He is round with a turned-up nose. He is a better baker than Renee but lacks any sort of follow …


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An extra sheet is the long silky nighty
Pulled up from unfitted length,
A cover for naked arms,
Moments like these, a light touch,
Hides cold without unleashing heat, that is,
One thunderous warning of a coming flash

Wind courts the window’s pain –
Surfing poetry within,
Same inside outside;
Pane wanting breeze, hating breeze,
the mind unmade as the bed,
Open up and/or close it down

There’s a bear a half-bed over –
Dens with a sheet, blanket, quilt
Barely alive, at most unaware
Of Smashing-Waves Of
Sea-Wet Mermaid at sea,
Until grizzly heat is wanted

If I should die before I wake,
thank you

editors note:

A bedtime prayer for maid or bear. – mh clay

Hawke Services

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“There was broken glass all over the kitchen,” I told my husband when he returned my call. “Both windows were shot out. I found BB gun pellets on the floor. I keep finding shards, so I am sweeping again. That’s why I have you on speaker phone.” My husband hated the hands-free mode. For him, my voice was garbled whenever …


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You said nothing, but listened
I, perhaps, see imperfections mirrored
from your silence
like water droplets that fill in spaces
and well there may be a nugget of truth
and there are the laugh-at-myself moments
of sound, wishful sanity

history after hours slows
until not much is happening –
it is a strange woman who determines
her place readily
but women prefer to make the determination
for they are necessary for the dance

I am at the garden’s edge –
rounder from the winter
and have my own desires
don’t draw from authority, but I
prefer truth and not trick of media

therefore, I walk into conflict by
my own reality
spray words that don’t stick
hear my own strange voice in
someone else’s reality
but is my writing and I alit

editors note:

Alone, it’s no light thing to alit. – mh clay

Helena and the Yellow Bikini

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Helena packed her things for the roof deck: water, phone, goggles, new swimsuit. The deck had a pool, one of her favorite features of their apartment complex. She swam almost every day, as soon as the sun came up, as soon as you were allowed to swim, except on Sundays. On Sundays, she always made Sam breakfast first, carrying a …


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Winter sheets strap the writer to the window,
Predawn, a Rorschach sky –

Unhinged, white, puff-packed clouds,
Edges unstable, celeritous and projecting,
Against a fading blackboard,
Speckled with flecked stardust

Diagnostic moon peeks opportunistically,
Watches for clues, stares;
Antlers bounce over razor-round hooves,
Kleck-klecking across concrete and shadows

Nearby, a blaring spotlight works to blot the many,
Bare, gnarly branches on some bricks,
Whilst a jingly-collared schizophrenic hound
Makes a pair of fox personalities split
From the predawn light

editors note:

What we see with sleep in our eyes. – mh clay

The Butterfly Effect

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Johnny looked at the various cases of our dad’s butterfly collection and said, “Remember that character, Buffalo Bill?” “Weird,” I replied. “I was just thinking about the same thing. I first saw that movie while on a date with Will Wreck.” “Will Wreck? You dated him?” he asked, with a hint of incredulousness in the asking. “I know, right?” I …