Nova Annum

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Ring in the Nova
Reverberate through
This cosmic chasm
A primal song of joy

The very first chord
Struck at the very first
Of the divine baton

Stare confidently forward
Up to a star filled sky
Each a frenetic
Photon prophet

Future portends
Inevitable collision
With past
A clash to cancel
Both sides of the equation

Into null
Into now

Now is a beginning
Now is a first step
Now is blinking into an early dawn
Now is the first tongue-stammered word

Now is Nova Annum

editors note:

Let the countdown begin! 10… 9… 8… on course for a head-on collision of cosmic proportions between what was and what will be happening. When? Right here and right… 3…2… 1… – jo

Marvelous Days

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Mundane, yet marvelous
These days, these hours
These distasteful diversions
They, too, have taste to
Broaden the palate
Bring each day to light
To linger on the tongue

Learning is limned
In my luminous limitations
These shackles adorn me
Then, cold splash, face slap
They warn me –
Alive be, awake!
“Should the night
My soul to take”

Quotidian quiescence
Effort’s required
To open sleepy eyes
The day is bright
The hours ahead, right
And rightly met

These are marvelous days

editors note:

’tis marvelous days indeed when our Poetry Editor puts on his porkpie hat & prances thru our poetry forum speakin’ upon the pompitous of keepin’ that eternal party goin’! – jo


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Would you like to give me a gift; something special?
Something which cannot be boxed, wrapped, returned with receipt
Or re-sold to the highest bidder?

Give me:
• Your attention
• Your concern
• Your acceptance
• Your tolerance
• Your laughter
• Your trust
• Your best wishes

Any one of these is a gift I would treasure
Any one of these would make me happy beyond measure
Any one of these deserves my best in return
Any one of these

So, would you?
Not sure?

OK, I’ll give you mine first…

editors note:

Wait… you don’t want the latest e-gadget? You really don’t want us to spend lots of money to show you how much you mean to us? Whoa! Oh wait… me thinks our Poetry Editor gets it! The truest gift we can give is the giving of ourselves to our family, friends and fellow mad ones. What a concept! Hopefully it catches on… – jo

Fakin’ It

December 7, 2013  :: 0 comments

Half gypsy
Half Geronimo

Half grown
Half drunk and
Half hearted
Half hoping

Half means it

© 2013


December 7, 2013  :: 0 comments

For red-striped notoriety
And shopkeeper recognition

Not always guaranteed
But more likely indulged
By the clout
Of one’s credit card

© 2013

Earthward Plummet

December 7, 2013  :: 0 comments

There’s an eagle
Talon tethered
To a rotted roosting perch

No place to play
To the safe crowd

No one watches
Nor cares
For a fizzled out
Failure of foisted fears

Packaged and imputed
To predestination

© 2013

Cold Turkey

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Cold turkey is a bitch
For the addicted epicure

Take away the wonder
Of art
And all that’s left

Is bug infested mattress
And cold cinder block

© 2013

editors note:

Is this a case of being sick and tired of eating yesterday’s chilled leftovers? Or, perhaps the public’s palate has been spoiled by processed sustenance disguised as art? Either way, their fat belly’s are rumblin’, their hungry mouths are open, and their cold, steely knives are pointed at you! – jo

Running from a season while chasing a muse through a mall

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She disappears through the doors
while I’m still trying to find
a parking place

Her sweet scent wafts
around the kiosk
“You are here,” it says
I think that debatable

A fat guy philanderer
smiles at her recent depression
left in his lap
I decline to follow suit
suspicious of his red & white motives

A shop keeper gives me
a receipt
says she left it in her hurry to elude me
didn’t say what she bought
but, there are two zeros in the total
and the last four digits of the credit card
are mine

A choir sings standing
I glimpse her face
hear her voice
harmony hangs reverberates

Look again into every face smiling
but, not hers
not anywhere

I am here
apparently, she is not

Might as well shop

editors note:

On the 11th hour of Christmas, my true love gave to me… a trek to the mall, a dash for a parking spot, a map of the madness, a scent of perfumed gifting, an impostor in a fat suit, a Xmas caroling choir, a gaggle of grimaced faces… and a receipt showing all the damage done! ‘Tis the season… – jo

Chocolate Fate & Pinball Circumstance

August 31, 2012  :: 0 comments

OK, I’m sitting in a restaurant at Trudeau Airport, Dorval (My ignorance abated by the patronizing smile of the bus driver who informed me that Dorval was Trudeau—how am I to know these things?). An enormous piece of chocolate cake, on a large white plate, criss-crossed with drizzles of chocolate syrup, is before me. The syrup drizzles are surely arranged …

a christmas pome

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the fool considers
the construct of the season
myriad noels
god rest ye merry
ad infinitum
yuletide eternum
ever glows the fire
heating the outer chromium shells
of jingling bells
dangling jangling from the nape of the neck
of harlequin
covered in black and white checks
yin and yang contrast
twixt blindness and sight
holiday opulence
or occasion for thanks
we make the choices
annual opportunities
to be numb to the game
or look around differently

the fool embraces
the good and the soft
the kind and the caring
with angels aloft
fair messengers singing
a heavenly tune
rejoice in the notion
the faint possibility
that one day a year
can proliferate multiply
into every and always
and peace on earth
good will
good will
good will

editors note:

Why do we limit this feeling to only once a year? Let’s make everyday a holy-day! Come one and all, let’s put on our jester hats and be enlightened fools! Peace on earth… can it be? Who knows, perhaps someday… – jo