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My beautiful yard
Yet tragic

Spotted with old cars
Sentimental Rust
by John

Once moving
Once cared for
Once needed
Appear forgotten

not to Dad

Ma says
he dreams of

I see
a money pit
Wasted dreams

editors note:

Kinda like our whole approach to this sweet earth. (We welcome L.E. to our crazy congress of Contributing Poets with this submission. Read more of her madness on her new page – check it out.) – mh clay


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He laughs like
a man gone mad
I’ve been in his shoes
many times
To the unknowing-
a laugh of joy
Yes John does
like to joke
But this-
a laugh of frustration
I don’t
envy him
by urgent matters
Joy only found in
the closeness
the movement
of the clock toward
quitting time

editors note:

A nervous tick, or anxious clock talk. – mh clay


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Cries in the night
Same words
Over and over
Different sounds
I try to soothe you with my voice
No success
You keep pleading
Over and over
This is what you wanted
Have you changed your mind?
Are bad memories haunting you?
Be patient sweet one
Now you can touch me
I was never far away
Your voice changes
All is now well
As if this never happened
Such is life
When your cat wants out of the room

editors note:

It’s fruitless to free a fickle feline. – mh clay