March 6, 2011  :: 0 comments

Life rushes onward
moving at breakneck speed,
things such as love get
thoroughly bulldozed over.
To feel hopeless
like birds who cannot fly
is common. The time
of broken hearts heals fast
too, if you’re lucky.


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Tonight the leaves
fall without
touching the ground.
Back and forth
the sweeping wind
carries them
until they disappear
like UFO abductees.

I search out
the sky for a sign
of them, but it’s dark.

The stars,
veiled by clouds,
cannot help me,
nor the orange moon.


November 24, 2010  :: 0 comments

I take off my skin.
It chokes me sometimes.
I’m a false human.
The lights make me glow.

My human skin sags.
Earth’s air makes me ill.
In darkness I’m whole.
I take off my skin.

Water makes me die,
which is why I don’t
drink it. Of all things
I delight in is night.

Nothing is finer,
except for my home.
The laughter of man
is like a dark cloud.

Sea is my nightmare.
The salt devours me.
I turn to foam, just
one drop and I’m dead.


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If I could stay insane,
I could continue to hear
your sweet voice and
experience visions of you.

The medicine is a pain.
It takes away your voice
and your beautiful face.
I want to spit it out.

In reality you are gone
and I don’t know where
you live or know how to
contact you by phone or web.

When I am off my meds
you are always with me.
It’s a good thing for me,
but others do not agree.

I always end up kissing
the walls, fondling the air,
and calling your name.
In madness you are real to me.

You talk to me, you dance
with me, we make sweet love.
Everything happens like it was
supposed to happen.


August 28, 2010  :: 0 comments

The sky is filled with the corpses of birds.
I forget when I had this nightmare.
There is a funeral in the sky for the birds.
The sky splits open and the birds disappear.

I remember this dream made me weep.
I wore dark sunglasses that day.
I looked up and saw a lone grave in the sky.
It disappeared before I could dry my eyes.


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Let Earth welcome us
like a friend
not an unwanted visitor.

Let Earth shelter us
like a house
and trust us to be human.

Do not trust in war
machines, guns, and bombs.
Love the human race.

Feel the dry branches
and green leaves.
Do not turn your back on the lame.

Let Earth heal our pain,
bring us joy,
and comfort for the rest of our lives.

Let Earth feed our thirst,
hunger, and
what our souls and hearts crave.


August 28, 2010  :: 0 comments

Evening approached without shoes
above our houses.
It made little effort to show
its moon face with stars.
The temperature fell. Wind
blasted the roof tiles.
It felt like the last day of life
on earth. Nothing could
be done. The blue sky was gone.
The light went blind till
morning. Evening’s moon
eye with stars provided a
glimmer of light
in the dark sky.
Our senses were on alert.
Fear was prowling around
from moment to moment.
The trees were trembling.
Evening walked off without sound.


July 22, 2010  :: 0 comments

When you think of God
does your heart have faith?
When the wind blows strong
is it God sighing?

A weightless breeze spreads
seeds throughout the fields.
Who laughs in your face?
Some arrogant fiend?

You smile when the swift
wind cools you off. Your
sad face disappears.

You look up at a
bee up in a tree.
Does the bee know God?


July 22, 2010  :: 0 comments

She made jewelry
and gave it away.
Left it hanging on
trees for others to
snatch like fruit.

She gave away all
her possessions.
Money, clothes, it
did not matter. She
lost weight, at

least thirty pounds.
She tried to drink
herself to death. But
you must have heard
stuff like this.


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I was born in the water.
The wind gave birth to me.
I was weary and angry.
My backbone was bent out of shape.

The night took care of me.
The sun wanted to kill me.
I armed myself with stones.
I plunged them into the water
where the sun’s reflection
was looking back at me.