The Fever

featured in the poetry forum February 6, 2017  :: 0 comments

Dreading the dead,
The cacaphonic wail;
That sinister moon,
The shivering child,
Ran up the stairs;
Covering his head,
In Momma’s hair;
Ignoring that stench,
That soaked-
Momma’s bed.

Cold as marble,
Still sweating a rain;
With shaking hands,
The child again,
Grappling the dark;
Pulled the blanket,
To cover his Momma;
All in vain.

Momma so still,
No flicker of breath,
Lay inert;
In the land of dead!
A sudden crash,
Shook the child;
Sirens blared,
Threatening the babe!

The sound a gong,
Of volcanic make;
Were they taking
His Momma away?
Shaking in shock,
He cried in pain
“Child, it’s a fever!”, she whispered
“Momma’s right here.”
Holding his Momma tight,
The child slept again.

editors note:

Life as a near-death experience. (Her short stories have already splashed in the Swirl, but now we are pleased to welcome Kleio B into our crazy congress of Contributing Poets with this submission. Read more of her poetry madness on her new page – check it out.) – mh clay

Knife Skills

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Callously –
She stared at the quarry,
Methodically –
She sharpened the knife.
She ripped off the skin,
Chopped dismembered,
After all a stew tastes best;
With onions done well.

editors note:

A justified killing; no tears for the dead. – mh clay

Internet Scam

featured in the poetry forum September 18, 2015  :: 0 comments

Slowly the poison spread,
Surreptitiously it smiled,
You tried to resist-
Alas you were entwined!

While they talked about love,
They only sold false hope,
Caught in that trap,
Your mystery unfolds.

When you are still alone,
Your timeline’s full of notifications;
You scroll till the end,
But you still have no friend.

You call it social media,
I call it a failed hope,
Wrapped around your finger,
It’s rapping on your toes.

When will you get up?
Shun this make belief clan?
Meet real people, wave an arm?
Shove away this internet scam?

editors note:

Soon… Yes! Right away… we will… First… one… more…. twitch o’ the thumb… (Kleio has moved us with her madness in Short Stories. Nice to see her poetry here.) – mh clay

The Weary Enforcer

January 27, 2015  :: 0 comments

Her hands hurt. With great effort she whipped them. Born in the family of enforcers, she was destined to live cruelly and punish offenders. The queue of little labours persevered with their burdens, sometimes their backs broke with the weight. She would strike the poor creatures until they shrieked in action. With the advent of winters, she became brutal. There …