Sometimes Water

November 25, 2017  :: 0 comments

Potomac Series 4 by artist Nancy Ramsey

Sometimes, water’s more
Than an existential force;
Some days, it’s just drink.

editors note:

Ekphrasis five of five!

In the Best of Aquatic Circumstances

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Potomac Series 3 by artist Nancy Ramsey

In the best of aquatic circumstances, engaging in highly nonarchetypical
Thinking adds levels of care to some espoused views, prevents shattering
Prized maquettes once patterned to represent our old-fashioned principles.

See, the lure of wet benefits often outweighs this populace’s aspirations,
Habitually skips beyond its anticipated benevolence, finds places where
Social costochondritis, twee expressions, also untuned charangoes dwell.

Accordingly, it’s well-advised to carefully relay thoughts, to circumvent
Watery catachreses, likewise peculiar untruths, odd-smelling ablatives.
In nature, words less than comprehensible get pushed beneath, drowned.

Equally, it’s typical to squander on educating families against phlogiston
Accidents. Ultimately, certain among us will become vigilant preventing
The drenching of additional, elderly hedgehogs, lamankis, dried feelings.

Albeit, arid, loved alterities prove surprisingly effulgent at death, usually
Biding time among faithful molossers, alternatively assembling assorted
Affective kludges toward encouraging irregular, tulgey streams to heave.

editors note:

Ekphrasis four of five…

All Things Being Nearly Equal

November 25, 2017  :: 0 comments

Potomac Series 10 by artist Nancy Ramsey

All things being nearly equal, monsters disregard coinage’s unpleasantness,
Plagiaries don’t see their wrongs, hoodlums still steal signs, kindergarteners
Keep engaging in “theft by finding;” evil doers flourish by employing vices.
Administrative politicos, also, organize quests for love, power, maybe land,
Get distracted, and then forget their pals’ besieged, scanty standings.

Multiplying mayflies, quick as ocean-bound extras, litter beaches, channels,
Disregard greenhouse buds, rare shorebirds, crustaceans, advise themselves
Certain visions can morph, confused, after uncalled-for website trafficking.
(Never do such louts remember sustainability’s diverse, essential positions;
More often, they participate in goings-on assured to not end well.)

Explicitly, for several reasons within profit’s purview, such special blokes
Disappear behind social bedskirts, to hammer each demanding watchdog,
Shout out invectives, contest crucial changes in cyclonic weather systems,
Dislodge objects, disparage existent, threatening deterrents, embolden old
Exsanguine authorities to snigger about hanging bandits.

One way or another, such nasties’ “elucidated” sentiments sidestep wisdom,
Grow frustrated expectations, insidious oddities, late tax returns, bad checks.
Rarely will delinquents facilitate communal priorities, neglect to bamboozle,
To muck up manmade, or biological biomes. Impressively, they carp, niggle
Over virtue, over iniquity, over the cordoning of “innocents.”

Even so, esteemed families care whether waters become polluted. Identifiable,
Resource-challenged supervisions devote countless annals to mental ablutions,
When tackling citizens’ need for tasty fish, free-flying wings, verdant byways.
(excluding fresh predicaments, burdens, ordeals, tribulations). Mainly, leaders
Make cheap compromises in balancing ecologies with shams.

Henchmen’s penchant, contrariwise, their scoffing, their jeering viciously near
Privately-funded estuaries, bird sanctuaries, places where forbs, fauna, friends
Gather, celebrate, breed, prove “broad-minded” crooks browbeat victims. See,
No detectors’ blipping, hosts’ yawning, cats’ aerobatic feats, foils lawbreakers
From receiving backup when pointing their homemade ordnances.

editors note:

Ekphrasis two of five…

In Choosing to Work with Forbs and Flowers

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Potomac Series 9 by artist Nancy Ramsey

At daybreak, when Granny revisits her greenhouse, to
Transform objects trouvé into flower pots, birdbaths,
To stick rococo petals ‘tween muted crystalline panes,
The morning sky colors pink and gold.

Otherwise, landlocked gyres’ allied rhetorics founder,
Eliminate no caches of womanizers, child abductors,
“Mild” terrorists. Cooking shows don’t avert futures,
Can’t exempt worthy friends from fine print.

The cost for behaving like a “good girl,” mid socially
Esculent peers, remains palpitations, insomnia, weight
Gain, sorrow. No one believes she hankers given her
Age, size, relationship status. Nevertheless, all roses require pruning.

Gambeson-decked elders crave cuddles, supple words,
Adulations, notwithstanding seemingly squishy covers.
Gardening’s verdancy correspondingly requires praise.
Islands emerge even as lonely human beings suffer.

editors note:

This is one of five ekphrastic works, part of a larger collaboration between KJ and another artist: 

Creative folks need to actualize their potential beyond their specialties. Accordingly, American painter Nancy Ramsey and Israeli/American writer KJ Hannah Greenberg are collaborating on Exchange Rates, a collection of one hundred sets of work.

Each artist is fashioning twenty-five inspirational poems and twenty-five inspirational pictures to which the other is conjuring responses. The pair’s journey through these two hundred, total, pieces is meant to encourage other visual and verbal artists to take risks, to affirm talent’s multidimensional quality, and to exemplify ways in which creatives can grow.

Follow KJ’s progress on this Developing Book on her site, here. Check out the other four poems with pics on her page. – mh clay

Negotiating with Hostage-Takers

September 30, 2017  :: 0 comments

It made no sense to Montgomery that a brilliant man, i.e. himself, couldn’t negotiate with the neighborhood bully for the release of his granddaughter’s kitten. Accordingly, he grabbed his favorite rake and a handful of plastic garbage bags and headed toward the delinquent’s house. Partway there, he turned to regard the footfall of the person following him. That awful kid …

Savta’s Bijou

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Delicately worked small item,
Absurdly perfect, budding mouth,
Undreamed of newborn toes,
Fumaria blossom fingertips,
Sparrow thighs.

As fair a dinkum as all before,
Exotic, stridulating miniature,
Tiny wonder, splendid miracle,
Boy more normal than rain,

editors note:

A birthday march; words of welcome for the newcomer. – mh clay


June 10, 2017  :: 0 comments

Denzel couldn’t conceive of anything but jail time in his future. Even if his trial was completed before he turned eighteen, he might be sentenced as an adult despite the fact he hadn’t cause Zoe’s death. They had been skimming rocks across Kinzua Lake. Denzel had proposed a fishing date, figuring they’d find a spot along the twenty plus mile …

Trees Yield

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Trees yield,
To grass or shore.
Budding boughs, shoots,
Defined by vertiginous
Stems, two leaves wide,
Yellow-green life passels
Pressed like hands, jointly
They’re prayer.
Us, birds,
Ever so freely.

editors note:

Imparters sate takers, never sated. Breathe deeply – while we can. (Channie’s got a new book out, Can I Be Rare, Too?, available on Amazon here.) – mh clay


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Buick. Nice polish. Oops. My key fell and scratched the paint job. Stupid rich folks. Camera. Burnt orange. Dumb color. Will they notice this new line on their windshield? Asinine Volvo. Fancy Shmancy. Look at that! So many bags from senseless stores. So much money wasted! Oops! I think they now have a slow leak in one of their front …

The Sports of Shrimp Babies

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The sports of shrimp babies, those decapod crustaceans,
Minus mainlanders’ blue rocks, iridescent stones, ice,
Round little ponies, frosted cupcakes, cockershells, orchids,
Seem calculated for their elongated bodies, nothing more.

When critters rely, primarily, on whirling as their approach to locomotion,
On paddling with swimmerets, not turning cartwheels, nor jumping branches,
They discover screaming for help means screeching or otherwise shrieking
For safety. Consider, stalk-eyed beasts’ shelter’s only found in sediment diving.

Prawn, after all, remain so low on the food chain as to be expendable.
They lack rocking horse dreams, know no warm breakfasts of frumenty,
See no flames tickling heat into empty spaces, except for intervals like
Oil spills, finned predators, many troubles lancing their domain.

editors note:

Not so bad, these lives; fried in panko, dipped in cocktail sauce. – mh clay