Distal Hearts

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Ala most causes of chinwag, especially
Proximal infatuations, seep away when
Love’s boarders get bared by sunlight.

Elsewise, live persons congregate, try
Intimately nestling among fat bolsters,
Attempt positioning limbs sagaciously.

Hearts’ instars swerve hot and cold,
Urge all manner of suspect outlines,
Bring about unique, personal nadirs.

editors note:

Want love? Bare all, bear to fall. – mh clay

Green Witch

May 29, 2021  :: 0 comments

Once, not terribly long ago, there lived a green witch. It might be assumed that she dwelled in a ramshackle hut, yet she lived in a tiny house designed by the famous draughtman, Donald Alaska. Donald’s creation had two lofts, a woodburning stove, a deck, and a large kitchen sink. Additionally, his architecture featured a cat door, staircase storage, and …

A Bazaar’s Cacophony

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Oranges, oranges, apples, and pears, tangerines for the ones you presume dear.
Melons, plus cherries, strawberries, too. Come here; I’ve sweet plums for you.

Come and hear a story, a story, a story,
Come and hear a story, put a coin in my hat.

I have silk, from the east, you must buy a piece.
There’s red, blue, plus lavender, Stop, look, at least.

Gooold bracelets!
Gooold bracelets!

You should own this beast. Bring your family home a feast.
Shop for lamb, chicks, a duck. Fresh eggs will bring you luck.

Come and hear a story, a story, a story,
Come and hear a story, put a coin in my hat.

Here’s a handsome cuckoo clock. Come on over, do not stare.
Your love will like this piece a lot. Buy it while it’s still here.

Sausages, sausages, wieners in pairs, sweet yellow onions, none do compare.
Soft yellow cheese, salted, hard, too. These victuals should be a picnic for you.

Come and hear a story, a story, a story,
Come and hear a story, put a coin in my hat.

editors note:

Every day, a story, story. Keep some coins on hand. – mh clay

The Pearl Stringer’s Mother

March 6, 2021  :: 0 comments

Maya lifted her chin off of her chest. She rubbed the crusty gunk out of her eyes and coughed, once, to clear her mouth. To her right, her mother lay prone on her hospital bed, a ventilator breathing for her and a seeming myriad of tubes snaking in and out of various ports up and down her body. Instinctively, Maya …

The Blessing on Limes

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Some fruits surprise everyone in being sour, not sweet,
In refreshing via acerbic notes, in missing from markets
For long months.

Some glabellas wrinkle prematurely, yielding liver lines,
Also, general indications of stress, maybe, additionally,
Closed minds.

Some ideas remain attenuated, contracted, otherwise cut
Short. Those concepts regularly slip from view, deflect
The blessing on limes.

editors note:

Keep your limes, your blender, and your good ideas always in view. – mh clay

The Wedding Fee

December 26, 2020  :: 0 comments

“It was an Appelt.” “Huh?” “Its sale covered the fees for: the hall, my dress, and the caterer.” “Not parsing.” “I found it when cleaning out my grandma’s storage room.” “?” “I was looking for vintage and found expensive art.” “So?” “You and I took Art Appreciation, together, sophomore year.” “We also toked together and we each also slept, without …

In a Silver Jar

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In a silver jar, behind a cactus plant,
Grow answers, also doubts, by design.

On that high shelf, by crystalline doves,
Perches mirror porcelain bits, extra fine.

By those insignificant cattle troughs,
Splash short-winged ducklings ‘til it’s time.

Smokey dreams seem more often all mirage—
Life’s a murky montage because we can’t align.

editors note:

We are the tchotchkes with tchotchkes who have tchotchkes. Make sense? – mh clay

Vertigried Feelings

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Old, patina-covered feelings, more often than otherwise,
Sit amongst gut’s bits, pieces, leftovers, all zamzodden.

It’s not for naught that we’re advised to assimilate even
Cellulose, slowly, aided by water or familiar aerobics.

Sure, snollygosters might cheat, might add digestives
Either chemical or natural, to better insure juices mixing.

The rest of us louts, though, given our well-worn grasp of
Collective goings-on, suffer frequent, unwanted dyspepsia.

editors note:

With so much to feel these days, emotional antacid would all avail. – mh clay

Live Chat with Gremlin

June 20, 2020  :: 0 comments

Customer: I tried to pay with PayPal for my Serenity Serum. My PayPal Transaction ID is o-4AR19803G257038B. I entered the payment at 9:55 PM. Reggie: Good evening! I will be happy to help you. May I have your Street Address, City, State and Zip Code to locate your order? 9:56 PM. Customer: Yet, End of Time webpage said I need …

Takes Guts

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There’s little that’s prurient about surgical tape, gauze stuck in wounds,
Measures of peroxide and Mupirocin. Stitches, staples, special glue,
Likewise cull no memories of court seats, sunny fields, too much icing.

Videlicet, sometimes, a neighborhood’s most rabid visitor is neither
Komodo dragon nor entrepreneur raccoon. There are days when death,
Masked as angels, announces in minor chords its many-faced intentions.

On such anniversaries, it’s best to ignore glorious upstarts, snub promised
Endings, overlook happiness’ plans for vacations, nannies, working cars,
Think less about social strata climbing, give up aspirations of popularity.

It takes guts to eyeball knife-happy oncologists, radiologists with “ideas,”
Nurses stuck on protocol, administrators who neglect to acknowledge
Necessary insurance forms, co-payments, maximum fiduciary solvency.

The “biological hazards” that get removed are hardly the worse invaders
When shift schedules dictate procedures, rich and famous get privileges,
Questions are outsourced to the hands of healthy nationals living abroad.

Yes, the best response to scary attackers, the most prized heroic measure,
Can be called in to fill tissue dispensers, empty garbage bins, perhaps also
Admonish misguided volunteers expecting you to like hospitals ever after.

editors note:

For any who must navigate medical waters during this storm… (Congrats to KJ on the release of her new collection, “Rudiments.” Get your copy on Amazon here.) – mh clay