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Seth wasn’t convinced that actualizing his ancestors’ birthright meant humanity would maintain nirvana. His was no dreamworld; it was filled with school and household chores. Quadratic equations and dirty kitty litter boxes marred felicity. Besides, he had asked Sandy, Derek, and Rob, during playground time, if they had ever felt the oft-referenced beatitude. Sandy complained of an extracted tooth, Derek …

In Disgracing

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In disgracing any rank, namely, all hoary tosh
Proffered by silent peers revealed as stillborn,
Devoid of organic wisdom, lacking any class
Of goodness, whether petal or leaf, bud, even
Branch, boldly, I choose duplicity over bland
Confluence. Dubious insights soften cogency.

editors note:

Just keep ’em guessing, I guess. – mh clay

Agouti Coat

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Allen accidentally brushed his hand against his neck warmer. The oily, stinky hairs protecting that skin wicked away the rain pouring down. The animal that had once possessed that covering had tasted good, like wild fruits and nuts. It had been his fortune to find that large rat stuffing its snout with fallen bounty under a Jaboticaba (Allen had been …

YouTube Blues

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These days, I’ve got the YouTube blues.
From shepherds to domestic dachshunds,
Plus, recipes for durian, haggis, sashimi,
Likewise, tips for burnishing cupboards,
I’ve got the YouTube blues.

Fortunately, in craving picture show reviews,
Besides promotions of charted books, music
Sourced around the world, bizarre sculpture,
Or dance ensembles ridiculing impediments,
I’ve got the YouTube blues.

If I were to dwell amidst a bloated view,
Ride a motorcycle across the land, else
Take up buffalo ranching, I’m set from
Videos entirely explaining in measures.
I’ve got the YouTube blues.

There’s fake news, ruinous hygiene, coups,
“Health” reports, dubious travel principles,
Also poorly calculated shopping programs,
Investment “guidelines,” faded scuttlebutt.
I’ve got the YouTube blues.

editors note:

Get even bluer with Premium. – mh clay

Loose Leaves

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“I don’t think it was the weed.” “Something environmental?’ “Doubt it. We breathe the same air.” “But her test scores are impossibly high.” “She’s not.” “Sleep hygiene?” “You kidding? She gets up every three to four hours–something to do with an irritable bladder, I think.” “Glad she’s your roommate, not mine.” “But she helps me with papers.” “You’re a design …

Amphoteric Nature

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Before social media popularized the sexual array,
Water molecules could both give and take without
Bothering to worry over gender-specified quotas
For tab and slots.

Today, acid or base, dominant or passive, people
Tend to flob if not directed in building molecules.
They insist their roles get cookie-cuttered, that no
Uncertainties remain.

Yet not all desiderata can be specified. Sometimes,
We can’t imagine, from bez to toes, other means of
Existing. We’re told behaviors, looks, predilections
Must rubric us.

I’m a lass. I like lads. Still, that’s no reason for me
To forego education, opinion, presence, to disdain
The parts betwixt my thighs. No “nonconformity”
Legitimizes me or my culturally amphoteric nature.

Paparazzi don’t care about heterosexual love, won’t
Advance stories of able women who profess, publish
Books, elsewise make remarks that are bothersome,
Even “provocative.”

Everything’s flags and parades while many of us,
Long past #MeToo, suffer conventionality’s grip,
Keep being told that “nice girls” can’t have brains
Or courage to confront.

It’s doubtful, hence, that my great-grandchildren
Will celebrate individuals not otherwise painted
In prescribed rainbows (how will those youngins
Validate themselves?)

editors note:

Distressed by differences, we’re all thirsty, right? – mh clay

Not Albino but Axanthic

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In the land of lions, red/tawny cats dominate.
Those lionesses missing typical pigment get
Mauled, eaten, worse. Their cubs, similarly,
Always are murdered by old pride members.

Contrariwise, albino champions rarely get
Knocked around (Few see beneath metal
Visors.) Sunbeams, though, contact eyes,
Make miseries, prolong their bankruptcy.

Among scribes, neither missing colors nor
The lack of all hues boosts publication. If
Wordsmiths aspire to revealed cogitations,
They’re well-advised to retain all crayons.

editors note:

We describe all colors in black and white. – mh clay


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Caring mustn’t be faff, not overcomplicated, burdensome,
A perceived waste of time. Rather, when one extends bits
Of heart, is adroit in affirming feelings, maybe, also gifts
Arits of one’s soul, there ought to be acceptance, concern.

After all, abandonment makes cades out of the best sorts
Of folks, turns ethical beings into moral monsters, tricks
Sentiment down drainpipes, into sewers, causes so many
Types of hurt and longing, makes loving appear onerous.

editors note:

Let our “much ado” not be nothing. (Congrats to KJ on the release of her new book, “Owmapow Rides Again.” You can get your copy here.) – mh clay

The Mayonnaise Jar

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Carmel reached into the mayonnaise jar, hoping to extract a tempting notion. Libi had promised her two friends that by reaching into that vessel, they’d become the immediate owners of germs for fantastic fiction. She had told them that she had stuffed that crock full of slips of paper imprinted with story kernels. All that they had to do for …


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All doctrines, attenuated or variable, define equivalence between
Real world cognizable properties and mental powers of knowing.
Key facets of reality, thus, become transparent.

Utilitarian similitude exists amid the studies of pragmatics/semantics;
Communication contours as it is shaped by philosophy (these modes
Of making meaning rely upon each other.)

Still, binaural separation, in our heads, stays costly. We can’t process
Select constructs while ignoring others. Disparate ideologies continue
To plague our collective serenity.

editors note:

A clear view to the core of your cognitive dissonance. – mh clay