Jye Pumped

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Jye pumped. His breath came out in loud bouts as he pushed the lever up and down. He had never seen a rear wheel tire flatter than his. Sighing, he weighed how the incident had happened, that is, how the unseen nail had punctured his wheel in a flash. He wished such events would stop happening to him. It was …

Many Appropriate Ways

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Dear ones, who aren’t friends or family members, rarely
Become rubricked among those counted acerose or entirely
Useless since they can figure theories of meaning, of balance.

There exist appropriate conduits along which to organize, plus
Follow lines of investigation on functional relationships (while
Individuals realize resistance to discerning attendant summaries.)

Contrast these possibilities with extant, hierarchical chauvinism
In boardrooms, bedrooms, or unnecessarily rigorous assignments,
Too, with callous pronouncements on the rich & famous’ lifestyles.

Folks fail to treat the ethical dimension of communication as significant.
So, fantasies of dungeons, of courts accelerating global politics, develop
Nimshals as rusty truths maneuver misunderstood by restricted audiences.

Ponder the possibilities regularly inherent once reframing hurtful discourse.
Weigh eliminating verbalized sexual, maybe racial, harassment & the wilful
Absence of considerable substance whether congested streets or old Phumdis.

Though giving unsubstantiated claims, clouding consciousness, also proffering
Brief infatuations with rhetorical greenwashing, talk might ring metatheoretical.
Else, the “fact” vs. “value” distinction stays controversial, gets lost amid bribes.

editors note:

Watchwords by which you can watch yours. (Congrats to KJ on the release of her new collection of paintings and poetry, Subrogation. You can pick up your copy here.) – mh clay

Free Time

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Natalie scanned the park. She was there as a mother taking her preadolescents on an “adventure.” She, herself, had visited those grounds many times during the earliest spans of her life. As a girl, she had used the baseball diamonds for softball. Similarly, she had rocked on the playground’s plastic horses and had used the swings to reach the moon. …


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Rockets, not UFOs, fireworks, affable probes,
Fall on kids, babes, lovers, dogs, horses,
Until we say tolerance is overrated.

editors note:

This is no game of catch! Both sides lose. – mh clay

Matthew’s Akita

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Matthew’s Akita snarled wide-eyed
After tracking border crossing sights.
Strong, long canine teeth locked as a
Necessary deterrent. Paws compelled
Unwanted bits even as a soldier sat
Atop rubble and watched.

Soldier’s new baby crawls on cement.
That child’s ma funds scholars, bakes
Challah, kindles candles, warms dill-
Laced chicken broth, amidst potato
Kugel trays packed to feed hungry
Yeshiva bucharim.

Rabbi Rosenberg guards hilltops. He
Counts grenades, stones, rocket shells.
At night, he sings Tehillim, bristles at
Heaven for answers. Yet, his outpost
Loses men, women, children, homes,

On the sidewalk of a busy street, the
Rav’s uniformed children scamper. No
Fence staves off the delight the youth
Realize when freed from studies. Still,
It’s their dad’s explanation of Talmud
That fuels them.

editors note:

The view from one side of a war-worn wall. – mh clay

Bottled Residence

July 25, 2023  :: 1 comment

The second time that I opened the door to the Procyons’ house, I still saw no family portraits. However, I noticed a bottle of liquid soap had been left on their kitchen table. The Procyons had hired me via email. Their instructions were to accept offers no less than five per cent off their asking price and to encourage tenders …

Adjudicating Uprightness

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In states of affairs exemplified by gender (re)interpretation,
By last century’s French Canadians’ linguistic quarrels and
The PLO/ Israeli conflict, incommensurability baffles.

Employing a system of adjudicating uprightness can lead to
Scaffolding communication’s stimuli, necessarily involving
Odd ducks of distinction and similarity.

Perpetuating double-bind messages while confusing cultural
Epistemology shows concrete jargons exposed conveyances;
Exclusivity’s ascription of worth is deadly.

Collusion remains poison as does doxing rhetors since many
Undergalvanized troupes attempt cogent discourse to poison
Status quo limits that bail up denizens.

Our politics unwaveringly vary—we are unlike, incongruous,
Fail to be referenced as “acceptable,” else become impulsive.
Thoughts can serve us as verbal hapkido.

Rather, we must illustrate metatheories, raise questions about
Standards, values, and virtues spent in communication, abide
Semantic’s new airt.

Raising questions about merit’s embodiment invites pondering
Over ideas’ substance, relative to their arrangement, given that
Both utility and parsimony live as persuasion’s helves.

Alternation requires resocialization; dismantling of pelf gangs,
Disintegrating of fierce ukases, equally of most empathy, plus
Altogether rejecting subjective reality’s nomic structures.

Neither antimetaboles nor coercion succeed when we derive “self”
Through scripts or demarcate via dreams, deliberate “revelations,”
Grand hopes, maybe also vfx displays.

editors note:

What does a new reality “look” like? (Break out your dictionaries for this one.) – mh clay


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In the north, auroras light the sky with flashes of brilliant washes.
Their curtains of hues drape from zenith to horizon, illuminating
Heavens otherwise dark for months.

In those taiga regions, where birch, poplars, also conifers, reach
Heights unequaled, wolverines, wolves, reindeer, ermine, hares
Caribou and lynxes hunt or hide.

The circumpolar tundra, mostly ice and snow with short seasons
Of sunlight, differs from the forests’ realm, where unevaporated
Moisture slicks the summers.

It’s the latter, cold, lonely biome, not the “top of the world” that
Faces away from our star, germinates sprouts scintillating florae,
Offers no steadfast shelter.

editors note:

Yet, we have no middle without this top. (This poem is one of many in KJ’s latest collection, “Communicated Childbirth Options,” available now on Amazon. Check it out!) – mh clay

Mirabile as well as Ill-Omened

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Sundry things sit wondrous to behold, quite miraculous, phenomenal,
Mind-blowingly prominent, extraordinary, unbelievable, exceptional,
Plus, astounding, inexplicable in function, incredible in form, equally
Marvelous, “true exemplars” for miscellany.

Contrarywise, the mediocre, the middling, the run-of-the-mill, those
Average, ordinary, hackneyed kits, situate themselves as pedestrian,
As unexceptional, routine, standard, typical, mainstream, or normal,
Else dull, unimaginative, uninspired pastiches.

All the same, generally speaking, life’s not humdrum nor brilliant.
It’s breathtaking as well as banal, alternatively archetypally exotic
Then dreary. Most certainly, goings-on are wont to sequence both
Superb moments and dreadful ones.

editors note:

Take them or not, both will come. – mh clay


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Seth wasn’t convinced that actualizing his ancestors’ birthright meant humanity would maintain nirvana. His was no dreamworld; it was filled with school and household chores. Quadratic equations and dirty kitty litter boxes marred felicity. Besides, he had asked Sandy, Derek, and Rob, during playground time, if they had ever felt the oft-referenced beatitude. Sandy complained of an extracted tooth, Derek …