On the street

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a stray dog, some cows
loads of tired people…

The buses and three wheelers are back
after the elections


there won’t be any

I guess…

editors note:

Let’s have elections once a month; keep’em too tired to revolt. – mh


June 15, 2013  :: 0 comments

Saturday morning blue emptiness flutter of a few papers on the desk and the
long white view of the grey, shriveled river
A few more trucks passed by cutting through the chirping
of early morning birds

The woodpecker starts stops starts again…

‘D O M I N I C’

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he spelled his name
to me

I’d thought
he’s French

‘no, British’
he said

he was with Karen and
they were going to Betla Tiger reserve…

we talked about
the British Raj
the ultra leftists
the caste system in India
the depleting ozone layer…

and then
the train came…

editors note:

These transitory conversations; unwitting additions to our life’s landscape. – mh

like July firefly

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long after
you’re gone

you sparkle on

in my

through the
dark, empty

like July

editors note:

Capture to keep in a cranial container, light against the loneliness. – mh

a meeting…

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‘nothing is urgent’
he says
after finishing the first shot

orders another…

looks at my fidgety fingers
tapping the table…

finishes his second one
looks out the window
squints his eyes
observes the setting Sun…

looks back to me

‘everything happens at the right hour’
he declares…

I nod
and sip
my glass

editors note:

The best logic comes with lubrication. Wisdom is seen through the bottom of a glass. – mh