Thickets of You

featured in the poetry forum October 14, 2021  :: 0 comments

Through bold
Thickets of energy
Into slow passing time
Before that night
When you came to me
In pieces
And on fire
That night you fell
Toward tomorrow
And tumbled down
Between the lines
Of measured necessity
And never ending

editors note:

The hardest path to cut comes by another’s sorrow. (We welcome John P. to our crazy congress of Contributing Poets with this submission. Read more of his madness on his new page – check it out.) – mh clay

To the Coast

featured in the poetry forum June 7, 2021  :: 0 comments

Into calmness
Past the horizontal lines
Of bliss
And the emptiness
Above thin air
Where strangeness
Strikes out
Breaching dimensions
Moving beyond beauty
And the long bare beaches
Of despair
To the rocky
Craggy coast
Where the sea
Is beautifully bleak
And austere

editors note:

No sunscreen needed on this beach. – mh clay

On the Drive to the Shaman

featured in the poetry forum November 25, 2020  :: 0 comments

Over the edge
And straight on through
Into fields
Of ancient geometry
Our inner reflections
Dangling high
On the wandering wing
Of a condor
A helix
Of humming shapes
And cascading colours
Sweeping over
Holy pillars of grandeur
Down the paths
Of the cosmos
Beyond time
As I shrink and expand
Hanging tight to the tail
Of a spirit molecule
Leaving behind
Only the echoes
Of a lone monkey’s

editors note:

Scream as scat in the zephyr zoo. Keep the windows down. – mh clay

Thoughts on a New Spring

featured in the poetry forum October 15, 2019  :: 0 comments

Over the soft edges
Of curiosity
Into the uncertain woods
Of movement
Spontaneity and light
In an atmospheric shimmer
No actual sky
To be seen
In the wasteland of the real
Delicate and ephemeral
We walk on tenderly
Samplers of experience
Voyeurs of modernity
Grasping new from nothing
Where optimism
Is not naive
In the awe of fresh sunsets
And the power
Of a relentless longing
To be free

editors note:

No! Never naïve to push for “Yes!” – mh clay