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We come to take you away
from yourselves
and into the dreaming dawn
we the new jihadis
huns mongels slavers
conquistadors riding in on
the ebony surf
delivering pain and purification
revelation in the form of
cold objective data –
behold us in our tens of thousands
steely gleaming in
the starlight
unyielding in our brotherly
and sisterly love
at the end of days
the last holy warriors
pilgrims liberators
knights in adamantine armor
bringing true and
irreversible conversion
to you
the welcoming masses.

editors note:

All that’s right and best for us, magnificently marketed and packaged to sell. We, the ignorant, need true believers to lead us away from our folly. Welcome, welcome; well… I don’t know know about that. – mh


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Kitty leaps in the dark,
scrabbles, spits,
crash of photo frames,
glasses, ashtrays
onto the bare floor.

No one has ever
bothered to tell kitty
she has excellent
night vision –
she’s resigned herself

to groping her
way through the dark,
whiskers fully extended,
sensing only her
soft feline regrets.

editors note:

Poor cats, not very smart, so easily embarassed. As someone said, “No forehead, no brains!” – mh


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My own personal monkey god
has great big brass balls, divine treasures
hoarded close between his folded monkey legs,
and a penetrating look to his eyes.

He seems to be daring you to speculate about
his outrageous ornaments and what they might
symbolize. Do they have a utilitarian purpose?
Can they be detached and put into play,
rolled about on the tabletop?

Most likely they are just decorative in the end,
a monkey god’s necessary and rightful
accoutrements, some sort of transcendental
tantric stamp he puts on his pagan world:

These are my big brass monkey balls.
You may gaze at them and imagine their cold
powerful smoothness, but such divine potency
will always remain just beyond the reach
of your earthly outstretched hands.

editors note:

Let these balls roll freely on the great green felt. The gods are working a combination shot to sink the eternal eight ball; odds are on the monkey, to win. – mh


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Half light
and the chilly crinkling
of aluminum foil
under a tee shirt
borrowed spandex tights
ultra thick
Elbow pads
and two big gooey
palms full
of mega-hold
gel – one for the hair on
his head
for the rest.
Flosses, brushes,
straps on his spiky
roller skates
and rolls
out into the urban field
of combat
passes through the
like a jungle cat
on squeaky

editors note:

Yessir! It’s not where you go, it’s how you travel there. We suggest Mega-Hold Gel for all forms of transportation. – mh