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When I think of Dallas
I think of you

As if there is nothing
Left to imagine

When I think of Austin
I think of betrayal

I have no control here
I have something special

Your eyes follow me
Into the dusty
Turtle shell my back
has grown into

when I
forgive myself

I’ll be someone else

I hope I know you
And love you

Antiques Roadshow

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When I watch the antiques roadshow
I know they are making shit up
Probably exaggerating
Or lying or something
It’s TV
It’s not exactly real
It’s like a situation where you know people are listening
So you act a little differently

Collectors would value this
At several tons of dollars
Cash paper
The fantastical lover
Dancing like a picture frame
Growing a rattail in the shadows
Hiding it with bobbie pins

My mother helped me hide the rattail
The old bitter ladies at school
Held it with clenched fist rockets
Satellite hands gripping tightly

They understood enforcement
I understand nothing

Snuff is a problem
Rattails are a problem

We know how to solve problems
We have several people who specialize in that


When I watch the antiques roadshow
I don’t really recognize the people
That PBS hired

I’m trying to picture the real event
Playing out scenarios

Perhaps there are like 27 people
Working for PBS


I gots
dirty hairy
I gots
Nothing to give

I wonder
When you sucka go
I wonder
When you blue haired sucka
Sweep kick

I gots
Captain America
I gots
A steady hand

Here’s a link to wikipedia
To 4chan
Can you barter on PBS?

When I watch antiques roadshow
I wonder what they tell the people in the background
No one ever looks at the camera
Do they ever reshoot stuff – they have to
I would look at the camera if I was in the background


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Every man is a hero
And every really good friend
A sidekick
Occasionally a dual force

The brute force of human nature
Is what makes us grow old

Our fears of atomic ultimatum
God Hand
Elected Dictator
xxxxxxDislikable and Confident
xxxxxxWe talk about

xxxxxxHis point of view

xxxxxxHis secret zipper

Our fears of
Red Dawn Red Square Dolph Lundgren
Our fears of utopia

editors note:

If we had Utopia; no need for dictators or Dolph. That is scary! – mh


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I was going to go to East 6th street
But it was much easier to get blow
And stay all night doing everything important
At my house

The sun rested like a tired bear
Forgetting all the things it should do
Sleeping for weeks

But then like a cat
The thin weeds of the neighbor’s lawn
Hiding like a bobcat in the mesquites of Cedar Creek Lake
It stands in front of the hallway mirror
Maybe still asleep
Next to the indoor palm
Breathing heavily because it’s funner when we’re scared

Courtney would be sleeping
I would be sleeping
Delroy would be thinking about ways to wake me up
Making sleep uncomfortable

When I dream of someone
Someone else dies
I wake up to a dog making sure I have woken up
Breathing heavily on my waking eye testing it

I roll out of bed quickly
Put on shoes before I have to decide which ones to wear
Grab poop bags
Grab keys
Check time again
Say goodbye

editors note:

It’s a dog’s life in this man’s world. Both are out to smell the sights, tails waggin’. – mh