5 Unhoused Haiku

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grandfather’s birthday . . .
he looks down on his grandson
sick in the shelter


I stayed inside of
the homeless shelter all day . . .
rain & rain & rain


titanium spork—
en route to the shelter for
eight PM curfew


Independence Day . . .
we’re kicked out of the shelter
while they spray for bugs


dead man on the ground
near 48th & Jackson . . .
how did I get here?

editors note:

How does anyone get here? It could happen to… – mh clay

grapes now for listening arthur

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I am the laugh of the stars
I loan sparks

in the scattered light
there are friends:

old beetle mind
wolf leaf

skiff melba
green grease


editors note:

Best buds beneath a bower. (Say! J. D. has a new collection out, in ghostly onehead. Get your copy here.) – mh clay

in the lake with the clean creatures

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I was printing in the dark
I was the salted egg

the clipping frog wears the crown
he’s as serious as a wheel within a wheel

we see the world of the funneling crows
we hear the frightening sounds of the cool hulk

the cloud of the forked fox
the soiled pot is an ancient camera

the pyramid here
that clinking sun

editors note:

A new eye on Nature in the clink, clink, clink… – mh clay

boosting a dream

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a loyal coil
a being, sifting

the scent of the glowing heavens
the sky when I am tempted and I bend

the lake is the river is the sea
on the planet of the walls

your window to the night
that old heaven is the summoning face

a golden miniature
I enter the dream

editors note:

In the dream, the shuffle is a dance. – mh clay

the dream of the number

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morgan is a comet with the power to seat a fiddle
the boiling rush is the pie of the flowers

the game of the brain is to eat a sun
sleeping in the queso

the spiral dart is the clark cake of the head
the roaming head is the lost anderson

the shark of the paper
the moose of the jell-o farm

science is in the shape of the sun
the lake is the science of the water

editors note:

An unbalanced equation in the search for anderson. – mh clay

are you a circle?

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the magic toast was the bird
that glass is the cheese

the crisp creek is the ghoul of the glamour
the pecan points at the planet

michael the archangel is in the rowboat of the garden
that cough could crumple up a dino

the seal of the star
to sleep when I say fish

not a serf light
that cold arrow is the number

editors note:

That number hits the target which circle are we. – mh clay

glass beard

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I am a circle in the broom room
I am the random floyd of the feathers

normal ice and we are earrings
were you a sponsored chicken?

the secret age of the heavens
the shape of the canceled apple

the rotten wink
this beef is the arthur of the dollar

this is the ness
the dallas glass

editors note:

To get -nost, you need more -ness. – mh clay

the treat and that spock lifter to mention a day of the gamble

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were you a box of turtle?
the arthur is the chief helmet of the wall

the number of bleeding toes
to measure that parker brothers irrigation

fern the green progression
left of the raisin

be the better beast
that salt is the freeze of the tree

grouch was a grunt
clam to beat a new egg

to be the better wolf
the bright wolf of the winter head

the low glowing worm
the diadem and that landing to meet me

editors note:

If you would be a bold bequeather, you must be the better beast. – mh clay

what do you think about playing 12 minutes into the future, man?

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oh I dreamt of something using the other letters in the word book
fantasy picnic with the ants and the clouds above smiling with the smiling sun

a bear was eating the earth
and the people were like ahhhh
this is terrible I said

the colors of the stars twinkling pink green and blue now it’s yellow
making fun of the earth

at the big bounce store we have values and bargains for you and you and even you
if you’re in town why don’t you come on down

there is no person on earth with the same name as colonius dew the rampant reacher

editors note:

Call for Mr. Dew! Your bounce is ready… – mh clay