Illusionary death Orgasm

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I have masturbated with death
as it inflects a painful stimulation
making my heart ejaculate from
my chest.

With the loss of equilibrium my
mind swings like a pendulum…
the orgasmic grip of death
suspended from a point of
pivotal circumstance.

Yes; I have looked death in
its empty hood face;
dark abyss, soul sucking, gripping,
tearing, pulling, and
castrating silent predator;

Countless times I walked away
but not before death penetrated
my mind as I felt I had no protection
from death’s infection.

Now I sit in gloom in the darkness
of a room pondering the next time death
appears, will God adhere? I will speak;
“My flesh weak, my mind weak, and I
know that my soul is yours to keep.”

editors note:

Not so easy; coming or going. – mh clay

Speaking real type shit

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So many times an unforgiven breath
Carried the words, “you don’t do this,
You haven’t done that” truth, the real
Facts I done most of all that, took care
Of you type shit.

Speaking on weak shit, lying through
Your teeth type shit, keep that weeping
type shit, It was all good out on your
creep type shit, slick type shit.

Every time I lift my feet type shit you
get that meekness type shit and hide the
freak type outfit, I’m not weak like that I
just don’t indulge in that type bullshit fit.

Most of the time I just want to be left alone
Type shit and not hear that preaching type
Shit when you sin too type shit; now feel
Me on this real type shit.

editors note:

Well, this is the real shit. No shit! – mh clay

Unseen parting of ways

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Unseen parting of ways, spoken broken vowels, suffocating in your own liquored dreams of illusionary and elocutionary vows, I’m that toxic waste vessel adrift on dry land with a soaked soul a hundred percent intoxication no participation on parting of ways only an array of empty bottles for days as others are amazed at the rainbow flavor thirst I display and liquor bottle parade, I care not about charade as life inside me fades;

unseen parting of ways

battling shakes and sweats awake I forgot to pray for my sake as I lay in my own wet mistakes full of hate on my wet alcoholic date;

unseen parting of ways,

from the war trench to the gin bottles I infiltrate, old tattered uniform, drunken parade rest and depressed, gin bottles my belief of suppression. Mind state without commonality of debate, full of war hate,

unseen parting of ways.

editors note:

Our victors return to become victims while we argue over the price of compensation. Sad! – mh


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“No friendship only /
the prehensile of the darkness…”

“…utensils of the mind are /
bent from the dehiscence of…”

“…old memories timeworn deeply /
in my mind a scheduled prelude that…”

“…protrudes in violence, silence /
and confinement…”

“… rational relevance of mindfulness /
suffocated by an emotional ride …”

“…downward crash /
with no mental lines …”

“…for thee to cross /
for the lines are distressed …”

“…break marks of hue /
I have lost all …”

“…clues of functional views /
as I transverse…”

“…mayday, mayday in this darkness of solitude.”

editors note:

A disturbing conversation, held by two sides of one solitude. – mh

Corrupted proclamations and judicial fate

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Misrepresented contingencies filling penitentiaries; incarcerating minds, souls and bodies beyond the statistics of greater numbers that were and now are truly innocent, plastered with evidence of hate crimes and the power of money making a shadow of doubt, an unjust formality.

Days run long of unrest, of vengeance becoming a reckoning of another’s expiration; a prison dictation being caught up in a system that eradicates a willing mind and turns the souls of many black.

Reparation, revocation don’t give back time to the life of the one unjustly taken from society and caged, becoming a slave of the state by the unjustifiable dictation of the arguments of twelve, judicial fate and those who didn’t reach out to grab the hook; fixed with the bate of judicial genocide, corrupted proclamations.

editors note:

Regarding our catch and release program; is a fish caught and mangled, then thrown back, free? – mh

Emotional Closure

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As the mind unwinds the dissolution of fear,
Unspoken becomes spoken with new found discourse,
Red eyes no more just receding tears.
Flowers smell of I adore trying to close the mind subsists,
Exit sign still exists over that door
now let your feet sway the floor on your way out that door.

editors note:

Turn retreat to triumph; exit one to enter the other. – mh


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Fossilized memories rebirth, obliterating pursuit of happiness, uncultivated mind with an interpretation of fallow espousing renunciation of self-destruction, mental filtering the culprit as the body ossifies and words of comfort don’t satisfy a mind that orbits within an illusionary prison projecting demeanors effecting physically and mentally, mind spirals out of control; lost hope, no willingness and broken conviction having no recognition of a mental condition only the spontaneous reminiscence of a war.

editors note:

When memory is reflex, jump down, hit the ground, wail and cry; though all in the head, the illness is real. – mh

Irrational Affection

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Floating in your mind stream, dark waters carry an erratic lofting heart drowning in misery, sunken chivalry, and wolves run the blackened stream bank, no howls or growls, fouled forest trees of grim and cascading heavens bleeding red rains and soaking stains, loss of prevalence, no gentle winds irrelevant, and child born shivering from the cold, fear and illness of unknown benevolence, never to know longevity as the dark stream consumes clarity and births ambiguity, no guilty minds only raggedy quilts, sour milk and hate fits.

editors note:

A dystopic descent into deprivation and despair, derived from a bleak beginning. We can decide otherwise! – mh


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Paper petals fall from the sky, my eyes receive the red that bleeds the nose open.

Green follows greed blocking yellow sunbeams; ski’s covered in black clouds hiding the white moonbeams.

Blueberry wild, how can I smile, running a black road for many miles; fellow gentlemen dressed in magenta tuxedos, silver lining stitched with golden needles, shoes of gray with bottoms faded away by walk of day.

While the translucent rains stain the tan box house dark brown and now his sign, “I will work for food” cries without sound, pencil laid makings run juvenile wild, street lights blink orange child scorn, street life, soul torn and recession born.

editors note:

If you’re gonna to see this rainbow, gotta take off those rose-colored glasses. – mh