Citizen Pain

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don’t let them fool you
it’s not about the process
and it’s not about the journey
trust me, it’s
about getting there
grabbing what you can
be it a trophy or the cash
the lover or the applause
and then hoarding the spoils
of your riches and
surrounding it with a fortress
built by bricks of fear
and mortar of selfishness
and holding on
with all your might
until you must let go
and say, “Rosebud”


August 30, 2010  :: 0 comments

mostly I
my time
and worry
with plenty
of ambiguity
to spare
but sometimes
it’s nice
to kick back
sip from
a cool can
I can’t
while the
sun sets
on another
I shoot
the breeze
just to watch
it gasp
for air
and fall
like wasted
into a heap
of last

Gushing thoughts

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Everyone is Gaga for
and girls and guys
make simulated
love on the dance floor
and this freaking
freaking their
fathers and mothers
who are becoming
as frazzled as
the hair bands
of their youth
so they simply
cozy up by
fake fires
and read Nooks
and I am
neither fresh
nor stale
and my finger
is greasy on
the screen
of the iPad generation
the world is
cut and bleeding
crude greed
in the gulf
and Gore does
not have climate
control over his
life anymore
Obama is going
gray over Hurricane
Alex as Hurricane
Katy Perry washes
over California like
a sexy pink twister
yes, Gaga is
in total
dominatrix over
the land of
and desire
blooms eternal
as I tame my
dragon nightly
and now I know
there is no longer
good or evil
just Jake or Edward
and yet I feel
renewed when
I hear a baby
say not Goo Goo
but Gaga as she
reaches for VH1
Eclipse falls
upon the
I call out
convince myself
that Kristen Stewart
flicks her hair
for me
but alas
I am not
a wolf
with ripped abs
and so I am only
howling at Michael’s moon
walk in outer space

Our last supper

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when you take
hope off the table
and serve me
stone cold
any side
while leaving
me thirsty
for more
and then
when you
go and
desert me
and tell me
to wake up
and smell
the coffee
you have
not sweetened
well then
you have
not fed
my body
nor my spirit
and you leave
me with
no choice
but to go
to Starbucks

Your Way

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It’s not about
who you know
it’s about how you
walk into a room
and how you say,
“That’s me!”
when your name
is called
it’s how you
step forward
like a future star
on a chorus line
on a broadway
and then
when the spotlight
shoots down
and it’s your turn
to shine
it’s how you
don’t shy away
like Frank Sinatra
never did
when he sang
my way
because you
have learned
to love the
that is you
and even if
your life is
more karaoke
the great white way
you still
have to give
it all you’ve got
because though
we may be
just a few
drunk friends
or ten thousand
you really
need us
to love you
all the way

Inner Child

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you got a lousy rainbow
so what
sure as bad weather
there will be another
and your chariot
busted down
and never swung
low to carry you home
stop hanging on
to threads
leading to kites
in lightning clouds
you didn’t
discover eccentricity
nobody your age
should still be pulling
a red wagon
filled with flyaway weeds
dandelion dreams
stop trying to be
the Pied Piper
of the Peter Pan principal
as dragons
drag you down
through dungeons
of despair
when will
you grow
up and discover
that tree growing
in Brooklyn
and that
secret Garden
State highway
to adulthood
where like
Robin Hood
you can steal
from the richness
of your childhood
to give to
your poor
attempt at