Embracing the Moment

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You drag your worn-out
self across the dust past
the unfinished journals
and unread books
towards a crack of light
leading to the room where
everyone is drinking and dancing
without an inkling or a notion
that you are fresh out of your
secret magical potion
the one that has kept you
tricking everyone into
believing your type of hype
and now as you return
to the party in full swing
it is clear you are tired
of going on pretending
that this isn’t the beginning
of the ending
and then someone
gives you a heartfelt hug
and an ice cold beer
and you feel grateful
to have arrived at
a time called now
and a place called here

editors note:

Though here is there and now is then, hype is omnipresent. – mh clay

Food for thought

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By now
I hope you’ve
gotten the gist
that life is just
a psychological
thriller novel
with a killer twist
as well as
a soap opera
sung by a castrati
with a black belt
in Karate
who hits high C
then low blows
with a sideswipe
bringing you
to your knees
so please
don’t blame
your poor old mama
because you never
had the part you
truly wanted
in this human
just accept your role
and roll with the kisses
and the punches
and just be glad
that once upon a time
your youthful spirit
was rarely hungry
because someone
loved you enough
to pack your
afternoon lunches

editors note:

They bought your branded lunch box, too. – mh clay

Oh the drama!

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Everything about them
was Elizabethan
until they dropped
all pretense
and became just
like Liz
Taylor boozing with
Richard Burton
in a petty spat
over a bottle of Bourbon
yet they made bitterness
glamorous and verbal sparring
amorous like something to
aspire to at a cocktail party
competition to see
who loves the fiercest
and will take home
the first prize
of seeing the bloodshot
fire of love
in the other’s eyes

editors note:

Gotta have goals. – mh clay


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When they finally
look over their shoulder
to see if I am
catching up to them
there will be nothing to
see folks
because I will be miles back
sitting in a bistro
having brunch
with newfound friends
the sort that likes to kick back
and relax
with tequila
and eggs ranchero
rather than sweat it out
on the race tracks
you see, I know
how to take a hint
the good life is neither
a marathon or a sprint

editors note:

Win while slow and steady, keep the tequila ready. – mh clay

This poem is rated R

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I surely will find
the steamy answer
in a pharmacy paperback
or a life hack from one of
Oprah’s guru guests
and I am sure
somebody pickpocketed
my broken heart
and donated it to
the thrift shop
because I saw one
of my ripped regrets
in a customer’s cart
and I could be
somebody’s grandfather
while mine was a dapper
Costa Rican man
who spoke broken english
while I twist my mother tongue
give it an overbite
like a cubist dentist
and I don’t aspire to
be this century’s innovator
I just want to be
some special woman’s
to a vibrator

editors note:

With a lifetime supply of batteries. – mh clay

Boho Honey

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I like quirky individuals
of the female persuasion
who wear Diane Keaton hats
sport funky boots
have dimple indentations
shoulders inked with tats
and who own
black cats
and a vintage vinyl
record player
where you can hear
the needle scratch
I consider them
with their hoop earrings
and smokey mascara
to be the best catch
because they can
adore Plath
yet still know
how to laugh
at an offhand remark
and they often
show great originality
as well as ingenuity
when we are
naked in the dark

editors note:

Sounds like every bobo’s dream. – mh clay

Nest Egg

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I should have saved
some moments
in a piggy bank
along with quarters
dimes and nickels
because even a
penny’s worth
of yesterday’s laughter
would now surely be
worth a million dollars
in the current currency
of curling up in
an easy chair
feeling sorry for
myself for having spent
life without saving up
for a rainy day
like this one
when it seems
I can only
afford a dollar
and a nostalgic

editors note:

Seeking an investment portfolio that yields positive returns. – mh clay

Login Attempt

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How do you manage
your unruly hair
and your green eyes
all at once
I mean are your
freckles really
because I read
your face like
obscure non-fiction
and skip to the part
that describes your lips
which have set sail
a thousand shipments
of online impulse buys
and I wish I knew
your password
but I have been blocked
after far too many tries

editors note:

Sad stalker stymied by a stunner. – mh clay


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I am wearing her ex’s
bathrobe and slippers
’cause I got caught
in a sudden downpour
meanwhile my Levi identity
and my Fruit of the Loom
elastic dreams
and V-Neck what the heck
way of getting by
is tumbling in the dryer
as I sip hot cocoa
by a fire
and I would do it all again
because nothing can keep me away
from this divorcee
certainly not
a little rain

editors note:

Gaps need fillin’ by them who’s willin’. – mh clay

Small Talk

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I know instantly
if we have chemistry
when you share
your personal history
and then when you
speak of the future
that you envision
I try to picture
your dreams
and imagine
myself within them
and as for your
great complaint
and those
grim images
that you paint
just remember
this is our first date
and your psychiatrist
I ain’t

editors note:

Speed date or self-disclosure, seeking soulmate or psychotherapist. It’s a crapshoot either way. – mh clay