Login Attempt

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How do you manage
your unruly hair
and your green eyes
all at once
I mean are your
freckles really
because I read
your face like
obscure non-fiction
and skip to the part
that describes your lips
which have set sail
a thousand shipments
of online impulse buys
and I wish I knew
your password
but I have been blocked
after far too many tries

editors note:

Sad stalker stymied by a stunner. – mh clay


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I am wearing her ex’s
bathrobe and slippers
’cause I got caught
in a sudden downpour
meanwhile my Levi identity
and my Fruit of the Loom
elastic dreams
and V-Neck what the heck
way of getting by
is tumbling in the dryer
as I sip hot cocoa
by a fire
and I would do it all again
because nothing can keep me away
from this divorcee
certainly not
a little rain

editors note:

Gaps need fillin’ by them who’s willin’. – mh clay

Small Talk

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I know instantly
if we have chemistry
when you share
your personal history
and then when you
speak of the future
that you envision
I try to picture
your dreams
and imagine
myself within them
and as for your
great complaint
and those
grim images
that you paint
just remember
this is our first date
and your psychiatrist
I ain’t

editors note:

Speed date or self-disclosure, seeking soulmate or psychotherapist. It’s a crapshoot either way. – mh clay

Naughty, Naughty

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We all draw dirty pictures
on the bathroom stalls
of our memory
and we exaggerate
the features
of those who insulted
or praised us
or perhaps raised
our vibrations
or threw us
under a bus
we live with distortion
mental gymnastics
and contortion
we are just too near-sighted
to deal with that which is far
from perfect
so we get drunk
and heed the
graffiti on the wall
and for a good time
we call

editors note:

And then the number turns out to be disconnected… – mh clay


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I am being groomed
to be entombed
it happens every night
when I lay down
and cross my hands
over my chest
like my grandfather did
when he napped
and like a graduate of life
in death I will be
and buried
deep with my diploma
and ready
to submit my resumé
which will be
whatever the heck
my gravestone
words will say
and as for me
I will be hired
by the HR department
of eternity

editors note:

It’s tough to sell that 5-Year Plan when dead is forever (but, HR has the form for that). – mh clay

Imperfect Gentleman

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I am beginning
to see you
in a new light
rather than the old
flickering bulb
of my preconceptions
and now
the faults and the perfection
seem positively photogenic
It’s like my mind’s eye
cannot take a bad picture
of you
from your “say cheese” smile
to your movie star profile
to those out of focus
moments when you
are within the motion
of some emotion
or other
or should I say former stranger
it’s a pleasure clarifying
our many misunderstandings
and I know this will
always be new
that is until the evening comes
when I forget to open
a door for you

editors note:

Just when you think you got it down… think again. – mh clay

Check Out My Crib

featured in the poetry forum September 17, 2018  :: 0 comments

I don’t know
any more
than an infant…
I too, cry
through carefully-
constructed words
so that I can be held
by the attention
of others
and intellectually
coddled and cuddled
with constructive
criticism or better yet
the suckle of warm
milky praise
just because I don’t
wear diapers
or suck my thumb
doesn’t mean I am
all that evolved
or that the Rubik’s cube
of my dilemma
has been absorbed
and absolved
in fact I am still
trying to lose
my baby fat
and am still
getting weaned
off my teens
and have to stop
teething on the midlife
midwife of midnight
who sings me lullabies
getting me ready
for her very last
goodnight kiss

editors note:

It’s all wail and wiggle from womb to tomb. – mh clay

Simply Said

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I don’t know how I do it
I am able to walk and talk
and see Jane run
while also chewing gum
and then I hum
the national anthem
to the heartbeat
of my own drum
you know the one…
that keeps me
above ground
yet still under
the wonder
of the sun…
I am that guy
with his dog
grappling with a past
and a shoe lace
in a knot
that cannot
be undone

editors note:

Before loafers with tassels; tangle. – mh clay

Attack of the Megalomaniac

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I don’t know jack
about my ancestors
nor do I give a darn
about my forefathers
and I really should show
more emotion
for the fate of the ocean
but I am too busy
protesting on behalf
of the only
species that matters
are poaching
those that blow their
own horns
and these confidence
take the rawhide
of raw talent
and exploit it
in the flee market
of free spirits
where it is sold
to those who hate
everything about
and then whatever
is left is ground
into stardust
glitter litter
swept away
and then washed
down by suds
of green envy

editors note:

Saving self through the sin of spin; want more, buy more. – mh clay

Viva Visa!

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perhaps in
a third world country
or in the Far East
or in the Upper Peninsula
or Down Under
I will be appreciated
and adulated
the way I
was when I reigned
supreme in the
Disney World dynasty
of my delicious
tenacious pre-teen
time frame
back when I looked
like I was ready to star
in an afternoon special
about a goody-good
who made good
with all the goodies
a goofball could
get hold of
and I am catching
the next
non-stop flight
heading back in time
to a place
that currently
has a high exchange
but low
currency rate
on unconditional

editors note:

Though this could be a week for looking back, to have our past-ports stamped; the good ole days haven’t happened, yet. Forward, Friends! Eyes front… – mh clay