Summer will come

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The summer will come
Death will be forgotten on the white beaches
Whiter with each wave
The sand will envelop your souls
You will feel welcomed on these shores
Warmth will amplify your will of life

Apparently all is well
Under a rock, in the shades, death is laughing its ugly teeth off
So soon she’ll rule again
So soon its grin will smear the skies with gray clouds
Heavy to breathe, the chest will rest
Life will exit left
The heartbeat will be postponed

On the shores of another planet
The summer will embrace the beaches
And the waves will cuddle the sand
Not aware that the universe is cooking a new virus
Perfectly fit for them

editors note:

Meanwhile, on this planet, we hope to rise, come Fall. (We welcome Iulia to our crazy congress of Contributing Poets with this submission. Read more of her madness on her new page – check it out.) – mh clay

The dream pandemic

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Faces in the water,
My dreams
Fire caressing my heart with long flames
Love in pandemic times
Illusionary infatuation to pass the time
Voluntary contamination with daydreaming
A form of depression?
An immersion in fairy tales to survive the bleak reality?
Could be this the antidote?
Faces in the water, my dreams
Crowded with people
Empty streets in the morning
Not a single soul, just chirping birds
No line to be crossed between dream and daylight
Not sure that I need that distinction anymore
I sunk my face into the waters by now

editors note:

Sometimes, gotta take a dive, just to stay afloat. – mh clay

A view with a poplar

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The autumn colored the ruined city
The broken walls opened the view to some forsaken poplars
Barren of their leaves, tall in their sad dignity
They are scratching the high sky with their prayers

Far behind a tall building is raising her brick walls
A church promising forgiveness to this people
A church ignoring the debris and the ruin around her
Deaf to all sufferings out of its yards

We are left with the slim poplars only
and the autumn’s prayers to a ravishing blue sky

editors note:

A snapshot; shelter or sanctuary. Fence for the faithful. – mh clay