The Smile of Emptiness and Nothingness

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Fifteen thousand years ago
You were a king.
And thirty thousand years ago
You were a slave
Your past life was a long scroll of times
And the next life? How short ten thousand years are!
Yesterday is emptiness and nothingness,
Tomorrow is emptiness and emptiness
Where are you at this time?
Emptiness and nothingness, emptiness and nothingness
Buddha halo, the smile of emptiness and nothingness

editors note:

No pain in nothing; shine up your halo and smile. – mh clay

The Sea of The Golden Palaces

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Happiness is the memory of heaven
And the soul is the sweet sun
On the canvas of death
You daub the smile of the gods
Oh, that is light´╝îthe honey of light
If you can hear the music of heaven
That is the sea of the golden palaces
Over the space of sapphire

Translated by Yuanbing zhang

editors note:

Oh, to fly in such a firmament… Remember the honey? – mh clay