The Future Kingdom of Giants

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Though I might regret for myself when I turn to dust
As I bid goodbye to this world,
I know there exists in the scrapbook of heaven
A gorgeous image of mine that often smiles to me in dreams;
That my olden words are engraved on primeval stones,
Yes! The apocalypse from the gods of heaven and earth!
I shall then be a future giant, to have carved
The platinum city of giants in the future Kingdom of giants.

(Translated by Manu Mangattu)

editors note:

How to be big in heaven. – mh clay

The Hymn of The Sweet Soul

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Drape the night over my shoulders like a cloak of the world,
call the birds of the stars from outer space and fly near my city garden.
Sing a song of the giants from the huge city of platinum,
awaken the drowsy city of the world with a start.
Oh, the lightnings are in full bloom in the vault of heaven-
the hymns of the sweet soul.
Your bones became transparent suddenly,
their light was flickering all over the body like the wings,
in a flash, the body became huge, higher than the large building down the street.

– Translated by Yuanbing Zhang

editors note:

A moment of transcendental insight; largeness with largesse. – mh clay

Each Rock is A Potala Palace

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The sunshine is mellow wine
and there are golden palaces inside the sun.
Where a giant is its master,
he told me that I was his shadow on the earth.

I will still be much greater, like a mountain,
each rock is a Potala Palace.
And the epics I chanted came from billions of years ago,
there are huge numbers of sweet homes beyond the Milky Way.

– Translated by Yuanbing zhang

editors note:

When this rock is done, let’s move to another. – mh clay

The Azure Sea

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Tonight I thought of the platinum city above in distant space
Where there is no day and night and the giants are interstellar travelers by spaceship
Their words have the dignity of God and create the holy Kingdom
So that the picture of the soul in the maze of memory lasts a billion years
Standing by the azure sea near the great palace with swirling sweet music in the city of the gold

(Translated by Yuanbing Zhang)

editors note:

Here is a new cosmology; new words from new gods. – mh clay

Gold Civilization in Prehistoric

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Fifteen million years ago,
there was a civilization of gold on the earth.
The sun wrote the words of gold,
the moon wrote the words of silver;
all things on earth had its own language.
Where do the gods live now?
They have never disappeared,
they house still on the earth,
just you aren’t able to see them.

Translated by Yuanbing Zhang

editors note:

In the beginning, there was gold; and gold wrote… – mh clay

The Starry Outer Paradise

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As you start to seek your smiling soul in the realm of mystery
Learn you shall that the world is just a window;
That the kingdoms of soul are everywhere;
You will find the invisible kingdom of gold in the desert,
Hear the intoxicating nectar-like music from heaven
That death is but a Madadayo dance of smoke
To return to the starry outer paradise on heaven’s vault.

editors note:

Divine defenestration with a Kurosawa flourish. Are you ready? – mh clay

The Interstellar Kingdom

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Translated by Yuanbing Zhang

Sometimes I see the sky smiling at me
The limpidity spirit and flower clouds
such as the old soul of mine
watch my shadow on the earth
The ground beneath my feet like a colossal ship
toward the Interstellar Kingdom
Those cities where giants dwell
blossom on the dustless Milky Way.

editors note: Let’s get to that place of smiles; this ship is wearing us down, we’re wearing it out… – mh clay

Wings of Light

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Each day is a dreamland;
Have you seen my golden palace in heaven?
Many an interstellar kingdom twinkles within that little room of stone.
The music of giants is honey for the soul, that gives you wings of light;
Yet you are surprised as if time had never passed,
When the one armored in diamond escorts you out of the world.

Translated by Manu Mangattu
Assistant Professor, Department of English
St George College Aruvithura, India

editors note:

If out of here, must be into somewhere, right? (spoken aside, to escort) – mh clay

As If The Stars Smile and Shine to Each Other

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I require new words
Black gem and Sapphire
To decipher the alien password
To open the mystery door of the soul base
Those people who ride the flying saucer
The blue blood runs in their body
On their planet
Every stone has a soul
Even the flowers and trees
like their brothers and sisters
Yet, they have no human emotions
The same as if the stars smile and shine at each other

editors note:

New words, new eyes; new everything. – mh clay

Ten Thousand Years Are Just a Day of Your Soul

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Ten Thousand years are just a day of your soul
Maybe you are more ancient than the legendary God
And the silver city on the other planets
blooms to you on the blue smiling coast
While you dreamed about the mysterious words
and the songs of the soul from the golden heaven
which let you forget the earthly library
and the past highfalutin classics of the East and the West

editors note:

Blurring the line which would separate man from god. (We welcome Hongri Yuan to our crazy congress of Contributing Poets with this submission. Read more of his madness on his new page – check it out.) – mh clay