How Can We Humans Be So Blind

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This planet whereon we reside
gave nature’s bounty far and wide.
We’ve seen our Mother Earth from space
who barely shows her fragile face
as Pale Blue Dot, sunbeam enshrined,
and still we humans are so blind.

The cosmic reaches hugely grand
are vaster than we understand.
We know not of a single place
where kindred creatures would be graced
with crucial features so combined.
But oh we humans are so blind.

We’ve self-importance off the scale,
self-interest beyond the pale,
yet if our sweep of self were more
than just what enters through our door
it could be good for all Mankind.
How can we humans be so blind?

If only we’d be even wise
enough to open tight shut eyes
and seek reality’s true guise
from whence awareness dawns arise,
a search within would surely find
that humans need not be so blind.

editors note:

Let’s fear not the inward search. – mh clay

From “Blooming,” excerpts from Sleeping Beauty

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My oh so bloomy garden auteurist domain, where savored I wholesale poetic license, was far more fantastic than the famed hanging wonder of the world terraced in antiquity for a melancholy missus by her kingly spouse. Still and all I wanted the whole blooming world as my garden my luring organa garden my fata morgana garden brimming in the brightest …

Far and Near

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Wonders of the world abound
on our earthly stomping ground,
in the seven seas profound,
midst the heavens round us wound.

Images from reaches vast
by astronomers amassed
show in varicolored cast,
cosmic glories unsurpassed,

stories of the great immense,
begging questions why and whence,
scenes stelliferously dense,
bringing past to present tense.

Oh how tantalizing to
lose oneself in starry view
of galactic vision new
where a poet’s words ring true!

Tennyson’s ‘Far–Far—Away’,
penned for Music’s haunting play
with the sounds the words convey
as they whisper, swing and sway,

tells of ‘far’ from past long gone,
murmur from ‘his own life’s dawn’?
breath where ‘doors of death’ go on
through an open curtain drawn?

Whether time or space be meant,
or spacetime together bent,
still, whatever sense is lent,
far’s remote in its intent.

After sunset’s crimson blaze
we may raise a dreamy gaze
in escape from troubled days
to celestial splendors praise.

Will our search of cosmic sphere
teach us to esteem what’s here?
Oft stargazers too I fear
must look far to see the near.

editors note:

Just stop to gaze at distant star to learn that cosmic dust we are. – mh clay

Word Sounding

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The sounds of words can shake the skies
or cut an ego down to size,
when knowing sages have their say
of fitting words to seize the day,
conveying wisdom from the wise.

An avid versifier tries
through orphic craft to harmonize
with sense and lyric overlay
the sounds of words.

From inner cosmos may arise
the wordless visions word defies
that seek to find a worded way
with synesthetic interplay,
and thus in poem crystallize
the sounds of words.

editors note:

Our sound obsession… – mh clay


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An Excerpt of Sleeping Beauty There was kiss me under the Golden Bough mistletoe, yes Virgil says it was gilt wholly golden, so named possibly from the clinquant tint the cut limb acquires when kept to wither glittering through a season. Was not the sun’s firelight, or a modicum thereof, supposed to radiate from this shrub gathered all in all …

Falling Off the Monkey Bars — 8

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My cat
comes in at dark
to be petted and fed—

I offer her
my life-long dilemmas.

and sleeps—

lie awake
at the night.

editors note:

How many stars shine down on us because of uncaring cosmic cats and anxious unrest in the night? – mh clay

Picking Up the Thread & Who Me?

October 13, 2019  :: 0 comments

Excerpts from Sleeping Beauty Picking Up the Thread Rumor went round and round the land and even abroad of a most beautiful sleeping princess Rosamond, as you know I was called, who was encircled by an impassable thorn thistle which prickly creeping hedge had plot-thickened year after year after year for nearly ten decades and that within that intriguing aculeate …

From Dust to Dust

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From dust to dust our lives are thrust,
while flames the candle’s brief combust.
We leave the shelter of the bay,
unmindful night will follow day,
to launch our voyage, earn a crust.

All nature seems a sage august.
In paths of promises we trust,
not weighing dreams along the way
from dust to dust.

With age comes waning wanderlust.
The mortal frame’s begun to rust.
In measured steps our scenes we play.
But even stars to death fall prey.
And yet there must be more than just
from dust to dust…

editors note:

With places to go and people to see; we’d like to last eternally. – mh clay

Always More

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A mind inquisitive will find
while looking out upon the world
that myriads of whys unwind
from raveled webs in queries whirled
by skies above and realms below.
There’s always more than we can know.

If contemplating mysteries
of life’s existence here in space
along with astro-histories
within our cosmical embrace,
the awe one feels will surely show.
There’s always more than we can know.

In famous drama by the Bard,
where Ghost is spotted ‘wondrous strange‘
by castle sentries standing guard,
mid ‘sworn to secrecy’ exchange,
says Hamlet to Horatio,
‘There’s more than you can dream to know

‘on earth in heaven, countless things
in your philosophy not taught.’
(And so begin misfortune’s slings.)
To summarize his gist of thought
in passage ever apropos:
There’s always more than we can know.

Some think that memorizing facts,
despite their changing through the years
as seen in how mankind reacts
when ruled by prejudice and fears,
amounts to understanding, though
there’s always more than we can know.

The gladiola in delight
will bloom as forces lure her on.
Bright stars o’er-sprinkle dark of night
but fade from sight with breaking dawn.
Thus Nature’s cycles come and go.
Yet there’s much more that we can know.

Vast marvels may await our gaze
beyond imagination’s ken
by polishing away the haze
to clear enlightened vision, then
shall fountains of deep wisdom flow…
There’s always more than we can know!

editors note:

Never enough, we seek more; here and after. – mh clay

Fast Asleep

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Excerpts from Sleeping Beauty The princess speared her palm on the spindle cusp of the spinning spinning wheel and fell down senseless in a death-like swoon. The old crone started in alarm and tried to undo the damage the spindle prick had done but all her qualms cries pat-a-caking rock-a-bye-babying rub-a-dub-dubbing Mother Goosing ring-around-a-roseying and hey-diddle-diddling failed to arouse the …