Birth of Stars

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The birth of stars in cosmic skies
could life and death epitomize,
and though we’re but a dot in space,
our earthly home with azure face
might mirror all that lives and dies.

The morning rays that luminize
in shining golden lantern guise
may seem in day’s ascent to trace
the birth of stars.

For suns shall set and others rise
through midwife Mother Nature wise
who cradles all in vast embrace,
while through her everlasting grace
brings from sidereal demise
the birth of stars.

editors note:

The Mighty Midwife brings them forth, then uses their leftover dust to make us. – mh clay

Starry Fabric

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All nature’s linked, the heavens with the earth,
in star formations, gas, galactic dust,
elusively in roles of death and birth
however random seems their wanderlust.
We peer in space with telescopic sight
that oft may miss the tracery that’s there
as when our past assumptions take to flight
in view of being further made aware.
Vast fabrics interwoven in the sky
that starry gazers spy amidst the mists
and what immensities they might imply
may only be a whit of what exists.
…The poets with their phrases hem and haw
…yet fail to other than profess their awe.

editors note:

Awed we are and odd we are to be the ones who try. – mh clay

How Shines the Moon

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How comes the moon to shine on high?—
a simple query, so it seems…
Yet though its glow can light the sky,
from where arise those silver beams?

Do we imagine gleaming rays
from self-illumined orb of night
still visible through sunlit days
as drifting earthly satellite?

Albeit a deceptive view
as Parmenides suspected,
mirrors may catch with brilliance true
even radiance reflected.

When Armstrong from Apollo probe
stepped out on ground with grayish tint,
we spied the craters of that globe
along with astronaut footprint.

The moon cannot give off the sheen
of all the sunlight it receives,
for most that falls upon that scene
its regolithic surface thieves.

And what about the face we see
during a lunar crescent phase,
while slivery as it can be
amidst its ever-changing ways?

The rest in ashen glow is lit
by earthshine to that orb we give.
So we spot more than glossy bit
through rebound rays from where we live

that then bounce back to us again.
Its far side, long a mystery,
was photographed on spacecraft, when
the Luna 3 made history.

This abiding lamp nocturnal
glimmers in the darkness dreary,
through our joy or grief infernal,
guiding souls forlorn and weary.

Moonstruck dreamers through the ages
gazed with wonderment up above,
filling endless lyric pages
with euphonious songs of love.

That pearly visage dear to us,
does science take away its thrill
by making matters clear to us?
So much is known already… still

with poesy of clair de lune
we mortals rhapsodize the moon.

editors note:

We are romantic fools for all phases. – mh clay

Eclipse Facts and Fancies

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When the Moon moves between the Earth and Sun, then comes a rare happening that can stun, above all a syzygy alliance, the term from the Greek in astro-science.

Once solar eclipses in history were viewed as a frightening mystery. Cultural superstitions abounded as rumors spread far and wide unfounded.

Many imagined the light was devoured by dragons or beasts super empowered. Herodotus wrote of one that brought peace and made warring factions their battle cease.

The Chinese of old took drastic measures against stargazers for drunken pleasures that altered their senses though being skilled; hence they failed in prediction and were killed.

A poem was penned to commemorate the court officials’ miserable fate, which stated, ‘though sad, it was risible that they could not spy the invisible’.

The death of England’s King Henry the first prompted the notion of omens accursed for rulers; ‘twas just after one had passed described as that “hideous darkness” vast.

There are tales and legends to tell galore. But later on, researchers learned much more. Curiously, helium was revealed because of our star’s disk being concealed.

Yet the one that is “most important” called, made Einstein famous, and left him enthralled, was the shadowing of nineteen nineteen when theory entered the proven scene.

Eddington relativity tested— which to this day has never been bested as general cosmic model supreme— showing warped spacetime through bent starlight scheme.

In the total umbra it’s black as night till the exiting shroud sets the Sol right. At starting and finish as it proceeds occurs the spectacle of Baily’s beads with a ‘diamond ring’ that’s an extra boon resulting from the terrain of the moon; thereupon that stellar phenomenon is gone, though its memory lingers on.

Thus, solar eclipses provide a chance to astronomical knowledge advance as well as to witness a great event, one that is literally heaven-sent!

Then it’s back to our grinds and muddled minds wherever our personal path unwinds…

editors note:

Fancy facts our minds traverse; better learned through rhyming verse. (Thanks, Harley!) – mh clay

By Happenstance

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By happenstance a glance may say
we humans saw the light of day
in universe’s vast expanse
to personate our song and dance
within a fleeting earthly stay.

At night black velvet sky array
stelliferous with appliqué
might seem to firmament enhance
by happenstance.

Yet ‘midst the starry overlay
concomitantly underway
cause and effect their course advance
encompassing in nexus trance
connections cosmic, not at play
by happenstance.

editors note:

So, not chance, but what a dance – and who(what) wrote the music? – mh clay

Galactic Embrace

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Five hundred twenty million light-years far
from Earth a meld of galaxies has spread
its multi-arms wide open ‘midst the star
Orion cluster in its wedded thread.
With limbs outstretched, in stellar reach enmeshed,
the astral realms seem grouped in fondness spree,
by constant star formation e’er refreshed,
as if united through affinity.
Mankind’s subsistence may revolve around
embrace of nature’s procreations rife
in cosmic regions or on earthly ground
a wakened sense of reverence for life.

That human beings be humane is key.
Could spheres celestial teach us harmony?

editors note:

Couldn’t we learn to dance in turn to stop our constant crash and burn? (It could look like this.) – mh clay

The Universe

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The universe of time and space
is leading us on merry chase
as schemes are parleyed to and fro
in astro-physic quid pro quo
of scientific relay race.

We dwell in lilliputian place
within the heavens’ vast embrace
unfathomable be it so
the universe.

While here we spin in cosmic grace
with sight that cannot see our face
beneath a vault of indigo
in multiverse? ‘big bounce’ yo-yo?
from ‘Plato’s Cave’ we seek to trace
the universe.

editors note:

From our cave in flickering shadow, we’re told we can see stars. – mh clay


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Born in naked singularity,
Naked come and naked go we by,
Gravely lost in clouded clarity.
Could there be an end beginning nigh?

Time shall tell while its ways elude us.
Dark the warp of soul that might arise.
Bent event horizons delude us
Leading nowhere where a somewhere dies.

Ere singularity can zoom us
Past the bar of sole futurity,
Intelligence may coyly doom us
To entomb our last humanity.

When black holes mortal made mistaken
Steal the chance a cheeky fate to jar,
Then earthly promised lands forsaken
How will dreamers wish upon a star?

Life is precious in its rarity,
Yet the naked eye sees wrong as right.
Artificial singularity
Is a naked truth that’s now in sight.

Ofttimes softly sounds a muted voice,
Though its murmurs seem too faint to hear,
Whispering, ‘There still may be a choice.
Who says singularity is near?’

editors note:

Choice, please! (Make no mistake about it.) – mh clay

Within the Flame

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Within the flame of cosmic scale,
a nebula beyond the vale
of tears and fears and random mirth
upon an azure planet earth,
vast hosts of stars are setting sail.

This great creative force all hail
when tracing course of stellar trail,
for ‘dust thou art’ in cloudy girth
within the flame.

Such sight stargazers can regale
with more delight than ‘cakes and ale’
and guide us to a sense of worth
in spark of human death and birth
as yet we write our living tale
within the flame…

editors note:

The fires above inspire the fire within. (Check out the fire that inspired Harley to write this one here.)- mh clay

This Insubstantial Pageant

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Upon our stage we romp and rage
in Goldilocks’s golden cage
amongst colossal cosmic crowd
with spark of liveliness endowed
of pomp and circumstantial fate,
whose worth we underestimate,

in constant discontentment caught
‘and sicklied o’er in cast of thought
so enterprises turn awry’,
with not an inkling as to why.
Oh, actors in this earthly scene,
what do your frantic antics mean?

‘The heartaches and the thousand shocks
that flesh is heir to’ come in flocks,
while nature tenders wherewithal
if we but list her earnest call
in lieu of inner outer din
that sends the senses in a spin.

Our little lives today may throng
‘this insubstantial pageant’ long
(to borrow varied Shakespeare tropes),
where humans share despair and hopes
on greater globe of bonny blue—
oh, rarest planetary hue!

And yet when all ‘our revels end’
this world will leave a stardust blend
behind, ‘to still a beating mind’
of poet bards midst humankind,
a ‘rack’, or wisp of cloud, as told
in Prospero’s discourse of old;

for sun shall take its final breaths,
as dramatized in stellar deaths,
to be a nebula newborn
celestial heavens to adorn
in evermore creation’s dawn—
yea ‘such stuff as dreams are made on’…

editors note:

Leaning hard on the Bard, about our fate we prate. – mh clay