The same absurd look

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Loads are my work
Daylong labor with fatigue,
Profession undertaking.
I am the exhausted Sisyphus
Tasteless taste I am taking
Staring to the world.

Every dream of a better life
By the eve I surrender
Clearing the glass with wings
Just to forget I am tired
Beer glass where moves the tide
For my mind is wild.

Intending not I am intended
To articulate the obscure thoughts
Devoid of any sleep dreaming
Pleasure in whose sublimity
Silent words screaming
Resilient lake where
Fury of the wind spins.

A pair of his pensive eyes

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Plunged into an azure depth
Wishing to know some how
Flight enigmatic searching life after life
Where you can not reach to strife
Wind he is of desert blows the sand
Moved the world with an errand.

His only devotion may freeze your life
Inspiration to the eloquence oh! poet
Taken away to the never land
Thousands entreat they fail to persuade I am awake
Many a reclusion dream to dream
Staring to the house of a woodpecker
End of a reverie into a question ask
Who will understand his eyes?

Stretching from horizon to horizon
Into a thought of strange journey
Leading me into a lost solitude
And formation of a visual answer
Comes into existing words
Where my effort in contradiction
Finds a feather of a poet
And familiar pain of an artist.

An overlooking exit

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Performing rituals
Prospect of this morning fog
Devoid of any taste of life
blurring with stiff cold benumbs
Adjoining bare trees where
Few birds are fighting with cold.

By the force of his age
Beside its note of alarm
Conclusion of an old man
Shivering with Siberian wind
Dragging his morbid steps with stick
Like the brown grass of winter
His cheeks are drenched by the tears of frost.

And due course of his vital spark
Anticipating his imminent owner
Preparing for the comfort of his
Inheritance of final retreat
For the Grim Reaper is
Waiting his claiming hours.