Spontaneous outbreak

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When the sunlight
Swims in the cosmic waters.
To extract: wisdom!
Praying every dawn,
Invoking knowledge,
Honing a hook, chant.

Eyes blind,
Madness dance sublime
With bumper trance.
Empty, echoing silence where,
An astral aura glint.
And a spontaneous outbreak,
Shining tap of libation,
Milking from the creepers,
Of lightning, drink.

editors note:

Skimming the cream from your dream. – mh clay

Picking Lemons

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Her jaded beauty
Polished with dainty:

Resplendent glowing,
Linament spread.
Her fiddling and trivia:
Inviting attention,
In the street.

I see them,
Curious to look at.
A turn of affiliation:
As I interface.
A prick on my fingers

I find myself
Picking lemons,
On a tree.

editors note:

When life gives you lemons… – mh clay

Her starving face

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Winter smell:
Asphalt echoes, on the road.
And I am begging beside:
The alms of life.

A battered soul,
Endangered to live.
And a beleaguered life,
Whose inward battle, looking for;
A foothold to rescue
An injured life, again.

Butchered heart
Collecting debris of,
A broken love, to re-arrange;
Stitching the wounds.
And an emulating hope,
To immolate the pain,
Trying to recuperate:
Her starving face.

editors note:

Begging AND choosing… – mh clay

The rasp

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Being oblated,
Irradiate the flame.
Benison to beget praying,
Qualities of the Almighty.
Chiseling the eyes
Of an intellect.

By the net of illusion,
Entrenched human,
Duty-bound; blowing bellows.
In the furnace where charcoal
Into a luminous ember turns.
Melting to modulate the metal,
Irrigating fire with fuel.
Giving life to the furnace,
Blunt tools and weapons,
Soldering to blade.

It is time
To forge the mind now,
In the furnace of wisdom.
Letting bellows to breathe,
And on an anvil to place.
Honing razor of knowledge
By the rasp.

editors note:

Altered at this altar, shine in your sharpness; wiser be. – mh clay

Nest of water

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In the universe,
Oh! Gallivanter
Seeker of wisdom.
Teach him to live,
A thirsty peregrine is
Struggling with

For which libation?
Squeezing to drink, infused.
Immortalizer musing,
Being curious to know, ask:
Who are you?

Loitering with light:
Lightning rider,
Burning fire of the sky,
In a vault of wings.

Nest of water,
Incubating embryo
Inexplicable hatching:
Yolk of the clouds.
Delivering the drops
Of the rain.

editors note:

When the water breaks… – mh clay

Lotus in a crescent moon

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Dawn rings
The bell of light.
In every day break,
Riding seven horses of the sun
The disc of heaven
Came out from the east.
Glittering in the waters
Of Ganga.

Here the water is not clean anymore.
Here the soul is not clean anymore.
Here the nature is not clean anymore.
The world of material greed:
Destroying the value, of spirit!
Value, of nature.

And I envision
Terror struck in a dream:
Land shake, slide and churn,
With big waves, like the fountain flush
Jumping high and resting low,
As the cataract.

Tectonic forces,
Overlap the plates and swap.
Like in the hands of a waiter.
This change in nature, inviting Shiva!
The universal, preparing to perform
His cosmic dance of death.

Here, my despondent
And salubrious appeal
To stop the end and to irradiate
The peace.

Infuriated sky,
Thundering to open: the veins of spring.
When will echo the smile
Of the earth again?

In order to acclaim the peace,
Fertile seeds of my brain,
Musing to plant the lotus
In the crescent moon.

editors note:

A little horticulture; seasonal blooms to irradiate the peace. Yes! – mh clay

An obscure flux

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Frivolous details
Of the regal run,
Unusual and uncommon,
An aesthetic errand

Fertile nation
Of an ingenious thought.
Gathering brainsick,
In a garret to speak:

Kinda fashion,
Outdated and erroneous,
Waiting fickle found.
Doing here and there
Restless and eager,
To be something, be new:

Milking madness,
Tip twirling aloud.
Voice unheard to sing,
The gong, inspiration:
Ring the bell.

Echoes pleasant,
Whose ears are keen
And eyes hungry,
To chew the cud.
Here the aesthetic,
Generates the obscure

editors note:

Well, melt my bell and call me common; ding ding ding ding ding. – mh clay

Lost in dream

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Knowledge of:
The mystical hymns.
Numinous breath,
To drink.

A bird,
Mysterious drinking:
To live.

To tantalize my god.

Mystical fire,
Revered, to invoke;
The celestial

A holy bath,
To expiate;
The sin.

I can
See them,
In the celestial
River, dip.

The thing
That i only feel,
Asking you
To reveal:

Lost in

editors note:

Who tantalizes whom in this dream? – mh clay

An orchestrated night

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When I was:
Playing a dream
An owl in me peeping,
Night was deep and
My subconscious

Waxing moon,
In the sky illuminant
Growing each night.
And a flowing river beside,
Milk white, mirroring;
Pulling my eyes.

Pin drop silence,
Whistling river where:
Orchestrated molten light
Of heaven dances here
In the deep ravine.

Cold night out
Freezing, to adore
The unfiltered
First-hand experience
Of life.

editors note:

On a cold lit night, warm to the dance of your inner orchestra. – mh clay

A lonely rider

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In the
Cold desert,
Along with
The howling wind.
On horseback,

A strange
Weather beaten
Unfamiliar face,
Turning back
A grin throwing,
Continues his
Hurried way.

May be,
A herdsmen:
A Dhokpa, singing,
Making alive the air.
Pulling my ears of

And I, lost
In his melody,
Staring till his horse,
In the vast horizons;
Of: green pastures

Still echoes
The tongue of:
A nomad

Note: Those people in Tibet and in Nepal bordering to Tibet, having a nomadic life shifting their flock of sheep, goat or yaks in the high pastures, living under the tent, are called Dhokpas.

editors note: Grin caught, attention pulled, ride on… – mh clay