Will kiss you, tomorrow again

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Would spend,
Hours staring!
To that adolescent,
Each moment.

What do I do?
With this treacherous time.
Neither keeps your luster forever,
Neither you can stop it,
From fading.

That vanishing cream of:
Auroral red!
Smearing on the eastern lips,
You born.
Among the hurry and haste
Of this selfish world.
Am I not involved too?

So, am I!
To appreciate you,
While walking.
That redness, that colour
Letting graze on the cultivated
Romantic sky.

You arrive!
Oh! Dawn: the daybreak.
And within seconds
You are gone again, Oh! Dawn.
Forgive me, please!
I did not have any time today,
To spend more and
To describe your beauty.

Keep going
To do your duty.
I will do mine, forbearing life.
Work is our worship: The Karma.
The servant of action.
Our destiny of each other is,
Written within this:
Circle of duty.

Do not get angry
Oh! Dawn.
I was in haste today
Will kiss you,
Tomorrow again.

editors note:

Hem says, “Inspired by the daybreak aura or dawn that was red. I wanted to see it more…” – mh clay

I am still cooking

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Don’t know!
What is missing?
In this gastronomy.
I am not satisfied yet
Unable to pin down.
What is lacking?

Dead silence!
The owl is hooting.
Silver rain of vigil moon is:
Illuminating the dark.
Peeping from
The sky.

Oh! I forgot!
It’s the time of poetry.
It’s the time of beauty
To the taste of solitude and
Ornamented spice of words
Am I not wakeful?
Moments of peace,
To adore.

My hunger is immense.
My longing! My craving!
Your immeasurable depth,
Had I the tool to fathom?
I would decipher:
That vague redolence
Of you.

Imagination even
Can not comprehend
Your mystery of:
Miscellaneous beauty.
Will I be able to
Embellish you? Oh! Poetry
Decorated on a platter
To serve.

Spatula pen stirring
On the cauldron paper
Waiting for the taste
To come.
I am still cooking!

editors note:

Awaiting words to stir into the stew. I’m hungry, too. – mh clay

And I imagine

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Obscure still!

Humid veils
Of thought,
Venting mutely;
Silent world
Of shadows.

Devout artist, dig.
Neverland seeking,
Rubbernecking spirit.
Begetting progeny:
Parcel of the seed.

Rind is peeled,
Content served,
The ink spilled;
To entertain:
The dreams.

And I imagine.

editors note:

Writing the dream where the dream writes us. – mh clay

My wisdom tooth is coming

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It is trivial!
It is temporary!
I am gonna write up
Something today.
I am gonna write up
Something to say.

Early morning,
Welled up thinking.
A thought of bygone
Sieving memories.

A friend said:
“You are missed today.”
And I feel the wind,
Of overflowing joy
There on the way.

Lighter and
Free I felt.
As he learned the values
Of the moments of life.
And I think within:
That would be great
If he could keep
Such feelings forever.

At the same time
Other feelings arise
When human dreams
Drive further,
If you get lost with
Plastic luxury.

Succumbs the spirit,
You will be cheaper then,
Gravity of being
Will pull down.

Few peregrine birds
Passing through
On my return welcome.
As I arrive home
And stop.

His fickle
Childish spirit
Curious to tell.
Opening his jaws.
Father! Father!
You know! it is hurting,
My wisdom tooth
Is coming.

editors note:

Getting us to wise up is like pulling teeth. – mh clay

Dissolved into the dust and vanished

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Cosmic sound!
Listening in the silence
Of that azure and echoing:
Ethereal sea.
Performing the dance of
Spiritual ecstasy.
Waiting for that
Divine melody.

Put light,
To the ignorant, please!
Knowledge, I want to practice.
A key to wisdom,
To unlock the horizon of:
The mental world.

Silent, I was sitting
Crisscrossed at ease.
Closing my ocular lense,
Invoking to open the third eye.
To explore the unseen,
And to feed my
Spiritual hunger.

Middle of my
Meditative journey,
As soon as I was oscillating
Traveling with aura.
Dancing oread appeared
Disturbing my
Surreal rapture.

The room is dark,
I lost the wind out of my sail.
My subconscious poet awoke,
To record her comeliest: beauty!
Forgetting my meditation,
As I start musing on her
She dissolved
Into the dust
And vanished.

editors note:

Damn! I had it, but by the time I found my pen… – mh clay

Spontaneous outbreak

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When the sunlight
Swims in the cosmic waters.
To extract: wisdom!
Praying every dawn,
Invoking knowledge,
Honing a hook, chant.

Eyes blind,
Madness dance sublime
With bumper trance.
Empty, echoing silence where,
An astral aura glint.
And a spontaneous outbreak,
Shining tap of libation,
Milking from the creepers,
Of lightning, drink.

editors note:

Skimming the cream from your dream. – mh clay

Picking Lemons

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Her jaded beauty
Polished with dainty:

Resplendent glowing,
Linament spread.
Her fiddling and trivia:
Inviting attention,
In the street.

I see them,
Curious to look at.
A turn of affiliation:
As I interface.
A prick on my fingers

I find myself
Picking lemons,
On a tree.

editors note:

When life gives you lemons… – mh clay

Her starving face

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Winter smell:
Asphalt echoes, on the road.
And I am begging beside:
The alms of life.

A battered soul,
Endangered to live.
And a beleaguered life,
Whose inward battle, looking for;
A foothold to rescue
An injured life, again.

Butchered heart
Collecting debris of,
A broken love, to re-arrange;
Stitching the wounds.
And an emulating hope,
To immolate the pain,
Trying to recuperate:
Her starving face.

editors note:

Begging AND choosing… – mh clay

The rasp

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Being oblated,
Irradiate the flame.
Benison to beget praying,
Qualities of the Almighty.
Chiseling the eyes
Of an intellect.

By the net of illusion,
Entrenched human,
Duty-bound; blowing bellows.
In the furnace where charcoal
Into a luminous ember turns.
Melting to modulate the metal,
Irrigating fire with fuel.
Giving life to the furnace,
Blunt tools and weapons,
Soldering to blade.

It is time
To forge the mind now,
In the furnace of wisdom.
Letting bellows to breathe,
And on an anvil to place.
Honing razor of knowledge
By the rasp.

editors note:

Altered at this altar, shine in your sharpness; wiser be. – mh clay

Nest of water

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In the universe,
Oh! Gallivanter
Seeker of wisdom.
Teach him to live,
A thirsty peregrine is
Struggling with

For which libation?
Squeezing to drink, infused.
Immortalizer musing,
Being curious to know, ask:
Who are you?

Loitering with light:
Lightning rider,
Burning fire of the sky,
In a vault of wings.

Nest of water,
Incubating embryo
Inexplicable hatching:
Yolk of the clouds.
Delivering the drops
Of the rain.

editors note:

When the water breaks… – mh clay