Calling me to cook!

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Evening emotions
Of the horizon
Where obtuse refrain,
Of the light, to visualize:
A thought.

Burning clouds
Slowly douse,
Along with the sinking sun.
Vista of the twilight, recast!
And the greyline slowly:
The vault of the
Gloaming shadows,

Beside me,
On the tree;
A bird is chirping.
A song of the evening to sing
Or waiting for the mate.
I think, I understand:
Must be saying
Welcome home.

And by the ranch
Witnessing an epoch
Preparing to conclude the day.
I find the black tent is fixed
As the stars illuminate
Dazzling diamonds
In the sky.

The smoke I smell
Which tells the fire is on.
The hearth is living still
Since the break of the dawn
As I have activated igniting
The matchstick.

And the day retires,
In the lap of darkness
For the healings of the night
while weariness seek the rest
Likewise hunger in contrast:
Calling me to cook!
Calling me to cook!

editors note:

And, goshamighty, we’re hungry! – mh clay

In the maelstorm

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And re-reading
Again and again.

A pencil dancing
In a state, never a state.
In search of an empire,
Traversing trails.
Grinding ice
Beneath the boots.

Coming from nowhere
Going to nowhere.
Playing with clouds, cold!
A void! Gaseous reflection:
like ignis fatuus.
Running in the cavity,
Breathing a vision.

Extent of words!
Like the mountains I walk.
Where, drawing within:
Contours of thoughts.
A rabble infront of nature!
Measuring altitude
Of feelings.

The boundries,
Searching a country, still!
To embark: a new and
A mysterious geography.
An empire! A world!

Digging a picture
Of his own cartography.
To locate and relocate.
Distance in the chart,
Drawing madly:
A map of poetry.

In the maelstorm
Of emotions
To rule.

editors note:

Imperialist acquiring an empire of ink. – mh clay

What is the report?

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Corporeal body:
Fusing imagination
In deams.

This chemistry
Is infused
From centuries to invent:
A course of journey.
To advance, to detect.
Lurking between
Time and space.

A test tube is
Standing, waiting for a result.
Immixed with
Components of:

Feelings, emotions,
Experiences breathing,
Waiting for a report.
In the laboratory of life
Lab technician said
With sarcasm:
Handing over a paper
Here you know!
what is the report?

There it was written
The death.

editors note:

We would rather arrest a report than read this ruling. – mh clay


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In the delivery pang
To become a mother
Eager I see a mother, who!
Hasn’t been a mother yet!
Dreaming myriads of

Tall, small
Different types
Need to be immixed here.
When one landslide happens,
Another gets compressed.
Yes it is dark today!
Light is necessary.

Like the need of a lamp,
In the dark, to give light then.
You need to burn oh! Mother earth,
And we need to receive
The light.

And that impatient wait
Of those sleepless mountains,
You need to listen a little.
Anxious is the offspring
To come out and to breathe
The air of Consciousness.
And to see the world.

Once again!
The world would be bright.
Being metamorphosed,
Bearing the energy of
Ultimate brightness.

That is the magma!
To break the rock ready
I am watching in the womb
Restless ringworms:
The volcano.

editors note:

Magma, Mama, man-oh-man, ringworms we, awaiting the birth of earth. – mh clay

Wavering caprice and the restless wayfarer

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Windy afternoon
The rain
The waves.
Flipping layers
Wavering caprice
And a restless

By the sacred river
Preparing for a holy bath.
I can see the wind
In the rain.
That invisible rain in the air!
Giving us the life, the force!
And the energy.

The center!
The storehouse!
If we let it rattle!
Mice will nibble it.
Your grains will be damaged.
When, head of the engine
Is not sound
How could it?
Function it well!

See the fan is:
Full of dust
What happens…
When you operate a dusty fan!
I want to let you breathe open!
I want to let you feel the heaven!
The light! And the clarity.
It is a process
To be sound,
A method.

So, try to be
Transparent like a glass
Devoid of any class.
As simple as your best
I want to let you rest.
Hovering in the void
A bliss to taste.

And I tell him:
the dust of desire!
Before you clean
Your body,
You need to clean,
Your mind.

editors note:

It’s not what goes in, but what comes out… “Function it well!” – mh clay

Still learning to listen!

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3:22 AM.
Annapurna Base Camp

Enough is enough!
I saw it today.
Dashing girl in the dining room.
Performing her duty
Playing cards and laughter
lacking respect and
role of her duty.

Did she represent
The culture and society
That she is grown to cater
A question within me asks as I see.
As a mute observer reading
By coincidence in the same place
As I happen to stay tonight.

Forgive me!
My eyes are loud,
My ears sharp and my mouth blunt
And I am looking for the sharpener
For the pencil that
I have perceived.

Thousands of
Kilometers I have walked,
Feelings I read.
Person to person different,
Attitudes and manners.

Honking horns in the city
While walking on the roadsides.
Songs of Rivers and rillettes
I have understood,
In the silence of the mountains.

I have listened to the silence,
Roars and cries and rain.
Pitch of its meaning is different,
The way you realize:
The essence.

Peace it carries
As the gong, it echoes far out.
Soothing to the sense of calmness,
Whenever I visit the temples
I ring the bell, to listen.
And to invoke the silent god.
Within me dwelled.

As the years pass by
The roads are changing
The way people think,
Lacking respect for human values.
Quick response, they require.
The ethics of patience!
Modern time is gone.

One day
When I was answering
To the customer he said:
“They do not respond in time”

Still the knowledge of
Impermanence is forgotten.
The ignorance we are imposing
To harm the universal law.
By the flourishing culture of
Immediate result,
And impatience saying:
Here and now.

And It is shame to say,
For the dying forbearance
In modern times.
Lacking kindness,
Generosity and compassion!

Life is an omnipresent
Conscious spirit.
I understood and realize:
An echo dies in a minute.
And I discovered a sound!
On this very night in silence.
Still learning to listen!

editors note:

As times betide, wisdom from this guide. – mh clay

I will never be the same again

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I am the river,
I am the rain!
Visible cloud my life
I will never be
The same again.

Was a child,
Not anymore.
Deep you are
Deeper you want to go.
It is the process,
Anywhere you see.
Struggle a life!
What do you want to be?

Wanted to be like:
The lake stagnant
Not static, an inconstant flux.
Neither can stop the cycle
Nor any trick to Dam.
Ever fickle is a human!

Change is what?
A phenomenon you see.
In order to exist and to be,
Meandering I flow
Stage to stage passing.
And surrender,
To the ocean finally.
The source!
The eternity!

editors note:

I sea therefore I am. – mh clay

Vow of silence

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The milk of life,
Trains of his veins,
Flowing energy.
Making him to move,
To live and
To collect,
The experience.

In the cauldron of life,
Stirring veins of
Sanguine sap.
Fire of his youth
Finally the milk scald.

And, slowly calm,
By the age resting,
In the canister cordon;
Curdled into yogurt.
To fulfill,
The vow of silence.
To return
To the source

editors note:

Finding peace in a process. – mh clay

In a country barn

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Sun is casting
His powerful gong
I can hear it
Glittering so strong
Pastoral he is
Playing with soil
It’s hard to live
Without such a toil.
To continue
To exist.

Scorching heat
peeling off the bark.
The rind is hard
Still it broke.
Earth is so dry to plant.
He has not given up
The hope.
Wiping his forehead
By the sleeve of:
His shirt.

Stranger, I reach
Fascinated by the country
Where the lane of life
Is slow, though smiles
Of welcome
Pulls me with attraction
Invitation leads me
To the barn.

His sweat
Is fermented
Rancid brine filtered
Through his body.
To quench his thirst
and to shed his skin,
To protect from
The midday heat.
We now in a barn rest,
Beside the farm.

And a loitering
Found his friend
To talk with.
Where he is still
Spinning his living yarn
To continue life.
Blooming calluses
On his palm

Along with
Ongoing gossip
Boiling available herb
The tea is served.
The taste was
Beyond the price.
The way he lives
His rustic life.

Where the smell
Of the livestock
Was more refreshing
Than perfume.
Invigorating strong,
Inspiring moment
Of experience

Putting somewhere
Not to forget
And I am unable
To restrain my words.
While resting
In a country barn.

editors note:

This bard’s getting a bucolic setting. – mh clay

It’s time to close my eyes

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I see enough!
The light!
The progress!
The growth.

One day
When I was
Sitting by the hermitage
Alone and isolated.
While delusions of the world
Were chasing a mirage.
Where does it lead?
A question within!
Question ask.

Did we understand!
What is peace after all?
Humans are running for it!
Even in luxury, in comfort!
Of material ease.
I know everything
has to die, decay
And decompose.

I see them
Holding heads of
Anxiety, anger, and stress.
Ah! Still, when?
Humans will realize,
the knowledge of:

It’s getting dark now!
Far out from the civilization
I smell the aura: the twilight.
And to get immersed within,
Magical rays
Of consciousness.

Breathing deep,
Along with
My folded feet,
There I sit.
Profound soul to purify.
It’s time to close my eyes.
holding self
In silence.

editors note:

Eyes open or closed; seeking peace, ever seeking… – mh clay