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Millions of stars, millions of nights showerfall,
cascading down intoxicating you with light.
Your eyes pulled to those rapidly gathering them up,
shoving them in baskets, stuffing pockets.
The big ones – shiny ones – ones that sparkle bright.
Which is mine?
Darting, grabbing, stealing all around, their drunken greed
hungrily fed – frenzy – leaving you lost.
Silence sleeps.

The stars are gone – missed moment – weighted air
The crickets chirp their call.
You’ve never come in crashing
your lullaby quietly mine.
Ears straining to hear – waiting for my star to fall.

editors note:

So much sparkle and flash. Just need one in your pocket… yours. – mh

Dance For Me

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Dance for Me you said.
And I giggled and hid nervously behind my hand
turning slowly

And You nodded.

Dance for Me You said.
And I stood a little taller, straighter
I raised my hands high above my head
spinning and turning in circles like a top

And You smiled.

Dance for Me you said.
And I grabbed my sparkly tutu
turned on my pretty music
and performed my best princess arabesque
again and again
I bowed deeply

And You laughed.

Dance for Me you said.
And at once I knew I had misunderstood.
I took your warm waiting hands in mine
I felt your need to move
I breathed in and out deeply
I waited
I let You lead the way.

And we danced.

editors note:

For, meant with; two’s better for both. – mh