Sunrise after the Solstice

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the stars are gone with the black

without a trace
without footprints to follow

where they fly

starlings are already bright at their perch
singing spells to raise the casing of day

watercolors, salmon and pink, paint
impressions of mountains and cloud-scapes

dreams waiting to be awakened and real

nearby, lumbering shadows flee my room
deserting to the silent hallway

soon, the sun will intercede
the sky be crowned

pure, firm, fearless like fire wild

and there, the slivered Moon, once her own
glory will lose her iridescence

yet, stay at her post

as if she were called to be matron
the sun’s sole pale attendant

– Michael Parker

editors note:

The daily duel; sun triumphant, subservient moon. – mh clay

Summer pome

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My summer pome,
like sunlight off the pavement
hurtin your eyes,
but the trees are singing
and kids in the park
playing ball
and smoking
like mad.
Sometimes I remember
so much about my life
that it seems I’ve
been alive
always wanting
to start over
or at least
with different memories
and such.

And despite everything
I think it’s possible
to be free and easy,
like bugs and grass stains,
if you believe
in nothing
you’ve ever heard
and just go.

– Bud Faust

editors note:

Dealing from a deck of shuffled memories; every hand, a new beginning. – mh clay

Two Thousand Sixty

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While digging in the backyard one day
Faust’s dog Clyde, dug up a funky old box.
A time capsule from the year
Two thousand fifteen appeared.
In it was a primitive smart phone.
“What hast thou done, Dog Clyde?
Hast thou dug up the past with thy digging?
What say thee?”
“Nothin”, replied Clyde

As he examined that funky old piece of junk
He came upon the following observation.
“Back forty five years ago
The phones couldn’t grow
Arms and legs on them.
They couldn’t scratch your back,
Drive your car, do the laundry,
Do the cooking, do your homework,
Curse you out for being stupid
Wow the ladies,
Pat’em on the butt for you,
None of the above things
How could the people live under
Such primitive conditions?”

Dog Clyde replied,
“See thee, Master Faust,
Technological plateaus force their
Own redevelopment when
Advancement becomes obligatory.”
“Huh?” replied Master Faust.

– Robert L. Martin

editors note:

Is this pathetic, or prophetic? Gonna name my dog Clyde, just in case. – mh clay

let there be light

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One lousy packet exchange
and I knew it was going to be
a long semester;
he busted my ass for writing
“lighted a cigarette”—

“it’s lit,” he wrote. “lit!” “lit!” “lit!”

For whatever reason
this really seemed to piss him off,
perhaps he was having
a bad day,
problems with the wife
or maybe my short story
had put him in a foul mood.

I thought about standing
my ground,
telling him that Patricia Highsmith,
whom I admired
a hell of a lot more than him,
often used
“lighted a cigarette”—

But I didn’t want to start any shit
with the guy;
what with student loans and all
he pretty much had me
by the balls.

So I changed every
“lighted” to “lit”
per his request,
printed up the revised copy
and slid it in a 9×12
manila envelope.

Then I kicked back
on the sofa,
cracked open a cold beer
lighted a cigarette.

– Ben Newell

editors note:

Editor’s eye-candy, this. Ben tossed us this tasty bone – we bighted. – mh clay

I Could Be A Celebrity

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Too many trees these days
Are getting notoriety–

Too many rivers
Walking into a room

And pitching its calm on a stone–
Too many clouds

Are venting aloud
For rainfall they’re commissioned to hold–

So I wish to be a rainbow doing it solo!

– Jason Visconti

editors note:

Celebrity is its own reward. Go big, go bright! – mh clay

Cables in the air

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They stumble, they knot
Roughing up their plumage soft
Fate caught a few, some others duck
Like fizz appearing when corner greets
Staining a burn as they suddenly retreat
Sag they do with burden of guilt
Tethered they live with cuffs of steel
Moans culled whilst staring deep
As feathery friends of theirs collide
Oft they swing to a solace trivial
A murmur of peace in a life unfair
Nurtured in vain by men artless
Who foisted these cables
High up in their filthy air.

– Sudha Srivatsan

editors note:

If our constructs could speak, they might tell us this. Listen closely… – mh clay


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Feeling just a little bit crazy
that light-headed, delicious, walking on sand without sandals, crazy
that caught up in it, can’t get enough of it, samba, crazy
that never wanting it to end, Ipanema wave, crazy
cresting parabolas in the curve of the bay, crazy
sounding its movement on the one high note
insistent, rhythmical and time exact,
again and again
so you.

– Neil Leadbeater

editors note:

Yes, let’s rejoice – re-Joyce. – mh clay

Fallen Before The First Fall

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A leaf
In its prime
In its shine
Shuddered and fell
Time couldn’t tell
Kissed the earth
A final goodbye
With a gentle sigh
Unheard.. unknown..
Silently gone

Amongst many that hold on
To the tree that stands tall
The first that fell before the fall…

– Sagorika Chakrabort

editors note:

Lives of leaves, leavers of life; some hold, others… – mh clay


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I put a bic lighter in my mouth
I can taste the dirt from when I dropped it on the floor outside
but I am trying to sneak back into my house
and I cant do it with a lighter in my hand
I think the green mile is almost over
its only 11:34, I could watch it again
or I could read tao lin and go to sleep
if I read tao lin before bed will I dream of hamsters?
maybe I could dream about being a hamster
I am just a little hamster and I want a snack
I want a reese’s peanut butter cup
do hamsters eat those?
I really really really love reese’s
if hamsters don’t eat reese’s then I would rather not be a hamster
I feel like I am pretending this is profound
these are the most pathetic words I have ever bothered to write

– Gilbert Franco

editors note:

Resplendent rodent reality or pathetic personal pretense. Which? (eat a Reese’s, think about it) – mh clay

Is it magic or is it madness

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Is it magic or is it madness
Flickering in the dark behind dilated eyes,
A translucent gaze yielding to me little
save the imperfect form of your approach

A sloppy seduction of my intentions
mercilessly mutilating promises
forgotten amidst pulsing carnal rhythms
drawing me into a world of mistake

Your love is non exclusionary or specific
to my form, a fluid dance among bodies
entranced by a pharmaceutical peace you
found in your indestructible youth.

In another life I may have loved you in
between myself and a better man, but
you are only mine for the night, so
from you I will take everything.

– David Williams III

editors note:

Honesty; not the best, but his only, policy. – mh clay