Twilight’s Daughter

July 16, 2008  :: 0 comments

Daughter, if I could
tell you
My heart keened
You, amid that tribe of
near gone children

The loudest thugified brother
hauled up
popped you
dead in the face
you didn’t stop grinning

I sat with the rest
of us ole folks
Pinned down with fear
Guns we know you tote

Sometimes I feel like
I’m birthing the earth
Each momma’s
becomes mine
Flanks heaving in pain

I would let you know
how precious a vessel
You are
To let yourself
be done this way

I would resurrect the light
In your eye
Pride in your gait

My Hottentot Venus
do you cry
on the shoulder of twilight
When shadows
grow long

Sister Pigeon & The Blues Compilation

July 9, 2008  :: 0 comments

My friend believes that when they come
They will not come bearing
Gifts and cures
They will come for us as an appetizer
With a honey mustard glaze recipe

I thought, ‘if this is the craziest that she is
we should wish for this kind of crazy’
I see us; mad, vacant eyes
one honk or raised voice away from detonation
What will be the crimes of opportunity?
concrete mad samurais wait

You can’t watch all of us
we slip into your bedroom
whisper a litany of your crimes
while you tremor in restless hours

Wait a minute…the fever is breaking …this just in
news from the brown and black poor
played endlessly in Media’s theater

When fear is the only thing
that keeps you away
from what you are


July 9, 2008  :: 0 comments

The jazz blows the skirt of
A high neck
Martini glass
High siding
Lady in black and silver
Bowing to the eloquence
Of need
Jazz players talk with
Their eyes and listen
With their hands
To break though
The language barrier
A sound as intricate
as a lover’s moan
when the sun is full on her face
dapples of minor notes
glowing from your breath


July 9, 2008  :: 0 comments

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

A comedian heretofore respected used that word to preface
The lack of truth in the face to face encounters
At sports events
By the second reference I pitched the halfway read book
In the trash
Good riddance for it
You know how ‘we’ get when they use
That word

You know how we get when ‘we’ use
That word
That word
We were fed on
That word like soul food and
$5.00 haircuts
Not forgetting to get around that kitchen
Even if you got other blood in you

A beloved novelist
Recently dearly departed
Explained it in terms of fireworks
In an innocent June childhood
I blinked shook it off
continued reading his brilliance

Later that week, a dear friend
Ace bon heart
Confessed her father called her
that word
I gently corrected her
With some family narration
How that word
has used it’s ‘best before’ date