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I’ve been crumbed like a pigeon
I’ve been simmered to a crisp
I’ve been ghosted so bad
I no longer exist
The backburner, a too familiar place
I am cooked to perfection
As you leave without a trace

I’ve been ignored into oblivion
I’ve been gaslighted into denial
I’ve been unmatched and crossed out
Blocked and deleted;
Oh, you name it!
I’m a one hit wonder;
You hit me once then leave me wondering

I’m a heavy lifter
Carrying a dead horse
The horse is riding me
And now I am trodden
A life changing encounter
But to you it’s all forgotten

editors note:

Make your love bittersweeter; find your peace, delete the deleter. – mh clay

Don’t Have Sex

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Don’t have sex if you are lonely
Don’t have sex if you are bored
Don’t have sex if you are horny
Don’t have sex if it’s a rebound
Don’t have sex to fill the void
Don’t have sex just to avoid
Don’t have sex if you love him more
Don’t have sex if you’re not so sure
Don’t have sex if you’re still a virgin
Don’t have sex if you tried them all
Don’t have sex if you are in love
Don’t have sex if you want to be loved

Just don’t have sex

Wait until you’re ready
Wait until you’re thirty
Wait until you’re married
Or else you’ll be called dirty!

Wait for a lifetime
Wait for an eternity
Wait for 60 days
Or wait, was it 90?

Wait until the perfect man comes
Wait even if he never comes

Wait so you’d never get hurt
Wait even if you’re about to burst
Have sex anyway

editors note:

A thing to have, but never keep. – mh clay


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The color of life
The shade of all wounds
It blackens into sorrow
As the sad moon fades away

The ripeness of an apple
The grounding of the reefs
The thread that ties me
To the very first woman

Ancestral blood
The sign of the times
The culmination; the harvest
Drops of ruby
All flushed down the toilet
The flushing of my face

There’s a moon inside me
A fate knitting machine
I wax and I wane
In the ebb and flow of time

A story teller, an Oracle;
A second heart
The bottomless pit
Of a deep dark well
Primordial waters
Stir within

editors note:

A self, colored by the first self, the life in all selves. (We welcome Dana to our crazy congress of Contributing Poets with this submission. Read more of her madness on her new page – check it out.)- mh clay


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Nothing is ever casual about sex
Casual sex is coward’s sex
An empty charade
Where no one really “takes off” anything

The “hit-and-run” culture
Has created a generation of cowards
Afraid to look into themselves
Afraid to relate to others
Because everything is oh-so-painful
Everything is offensive

But how can you ask others for intimacy
When you can’t even be intimate with yourself?

“No strings attached” is a huge lie
Created by opportunist men
Who convinced women that selling their souls
is true freedom
Don’t you believe it
There will always be a string
On the ethereal plane
From my navel to yours

editors note:

Here’s another POV, not for taking casually. – mh clay

“I love You”

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“I love you” is a liability
A heavy burden; a responsibility
“Let’s just have fun”, you say
Let’s have fun until you decay
Till all of your beauty
Fades away
I waste your life; 3 months at a time
I get what I want in this victimless crime
“I love you” is a hook
And you’re easy bait
I will screw you over
Then blame it on fate
Hope is a carrot
I dangle in front of your face
The moment you complain
I’ll leave without a trace

editors note:

Sweet to hear, sweet to say. Beware! They’re not always meant that way. – mh clay